Car Repair

Repair services for vehicles always in demand. No matter how reliable and quality were not the modern brand of imported and domestic cars, damage is usually unavoidable. But in order to post repair, the car for many years served without any problems and faults, you must carefully choose the auto service. Best of all, when garages offer a full range of services. Typically, it includes a thorough computer diagnostics, by which the cause of the problem and the compatibility of parts with the car.

After that produces all kinds of operations. This may be a repair of engines, gearbox, automatic transmission, the muffler. Also an important component of body repairs are works whose purpose is to restore the body. In severe cases, this repair requires the use of stocks. For minor scratches, held local manipulation. In this case, there are different types of workshops. Some of them specialize in restoring cars to any one brand, such as Nissan.

Other garages carry out repairs to Toyota, Daewoo and many others. In some of them seek to solve motorist. But the main factor in the choice should be not this one. The main thing is that the firm has worked with renowned suppliers of components, as well as to staff of highly qualified professionals. If in the process of repair required replacement parts, you must decide whether you install new components or select second-hand. Plus, the first in the full stock of the resource. The latter is significantly cheaper despite the fact that often, and their life is not spent even half. But in any case, each situation must be considered in private. Here, customers will always help staff car service. They will advise and answer all questions.

KAMAZ Yekaterinburg

Without a doubt, one of the very popular today among manufacturers of special vehicles, which is engaged extensively in almost all areas of the industry, without exception, it Kamaz. Just KAMAZ really soundly in our weather conditions, as well as the provisions are not particularly advanced communications, especially roads. In particular, this applies not particularly industrially advanced regions. The strength and durability of cars KAMAZ may make them attractive to businesses of diverse forms of property. And in order to buy a really high-quality special equipment or spare parts home, literate just go to a dealer firm KAMAZ Yekaterinburg, where you get all, without exception, you had to compile information.

As the only center in the agency or company, you can actually get not only information about Technology, which now is available in your village is in stock or organization, but also about the vehicles and spare parts, you'll be able to get delivery, including in your region. For example, if you're interested in Kamaz 65 226, there is a chance not to seek the necessary change of modification, and buy exactly the technique and all the necessary components for its operation directly from the manufacturer and its suppliers. At the same time to determine Kamaz auto parts prices, it is not necessary to look small-minded big shopping complex. Enough to resort to the capabilities of the global network. Directly in the online catalogs have a chance without a problem to clarify what can be fuel filter or odometers. In this valuable and choose to buy not just a few cars and auto parts worth KAMAZ used, and the technical details and accessories that are the best option relate to price and reliability.

Only the native quality parts will allow your Kamaz last you a really long time and remain reliable helpers in virtually any environment. Of course, Prices for motor vehicles and parts Kamaz can be critical of particular importance, especially today, in time of financial crisis, when the so-called free enterprise in finance does not appear. But one thing – to acquire high-quality timber and quite another thing – buy cheap and poor quality, or, for example, in principle, b / y. In this case, probably, that all without exception, benefit financially from such a product need to invest in maintenance and replacement parts. Some exception can only imagine those cars KAMAZ, which are purchased from authorized dealers, who are personally responsible to customers and to the manufacturer for selling quality range of products. Selecting high-quality vehicles, you win as a proper function, and including the duration of its operation.

Polishing a Car

Polishing the car body – it does not give the car a quality appearance, but also the removal of micro-cracks, scratches, and protection protection cover it outside circumstances. PAINT quite freely covered with small cracks and perceptible damage. Through these defects in the coating to the metal under the paint layer get aggressive substances that cause facial invisible micro process of corrosion. Of corrosion gradually increases and eventually, when the boss says, from whom he has a solid we have to pay money to stop the corrosion process and the reconstruction of the painting. Therefore, the body is still polishing and chemoprophylaxis protect the body. The use of technology, body repair – bespokrasochnogo remove dents. In the first place – a great saving of time.

The average repair takes about thirty minutes – an hour. Especially in complex Where a lot of dents, straightening will last a maximum of two working days. Immediately after leaving the showroom you will not have any restrictions on the use of your car. This method is much more efficient body repair traditional. Bumper is an element of the body of your car, which is much more likely to suffer accidents and everyday use. In body repair often includes bumper repair and restoration of plastic parts. In a lot of different cars mostly plastic polypropylene, polyurethane, fiberglass seldom respectively, for each material has its own methods and technology of restoration. Bumper repair – it is economically sound operation, as the new bumper on a modern car is expensive. So therefore why buy new if the 2000 – 4000 rubles. You can repair the old one.

Bosch Di-Motronic

Bosch DI-Motronic: direct-injection technology for cost-effective and environmentally friendly gasoline Automakers are increasingly choosing gasoline direct injection engines minimization reduces fuel consumption and emissions Potential in terms of future emissions standards current generation gasoline direct injection systems, Bosch makes engines more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly. Thus, the DI-Motronic system optimizes the cooking fuel mixture and significantly reduces emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2), hydrocarbons (HC) and oxides of nitrogen (NOx). This allows for the highest standards of emissions, including American Standard SULEV (Super Ultra Low Emission Vehicle). In conjunction with the concepts of minimization DI-Motronic engine has the potential to reduce emissions to a level consistent with environmental standards of the future. Reducing fuel consumption by 15% despite the fact that about two-thirds of cars in the world are still equipped with gasoline engines with intake manifold, direct-injection technology is fast gaining popularity amongst automakers. Thus, a number of companies are now equipping a model system with powerful engines Bosch DI-Motronic. In Europe in the number of such companies include the Volkswagen Group and BMW Mini (in cooperation with Peugeot), in the U.S.

– Ford, establishing a DI-Motronic for six-cylinder engines in the program EcoBoost. According to forecasts of Bosch, in 2016 the share of cars with gasoline direct injection on the world market triple to 16%. Especially new technology quickly spread into Western Europe, North America, Japan and Korea. One of the factors of its success lies in the fact that a combination of gasoline direct injection and turbocharging allows you to implement the concept of minimizing engine. Currently, one of the main directions of development of automotive technologies associated with the minimization of gasoline – that is, with a decrease in displacement, and and number of cylinders is often aimed at reducing fuel consumption and emissions of CO2. Modular system valves and turbocharger to the exhaust increases torque at low revs, so reducing the amount not effect on engine power.

Minimization requires the use of direct injection systems, such as Bosch DI-Motronic, in combination with turbocharging and helps reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by more than 15% compared to engines intake manifold. Solenoid valves for the homogeneous mixing DI-Motronic ideally provides the combustion with the formation of stratified lean mixture, and compression ignition of a homogeneous mixture. The main contribution to the optimization of combustion and fuel economy makes a high-pressure injector with electromagnetic control HDEV5. Depending on the application, the injector injection scheme supports up to seven jets fuel pressures up to 200 bar. Among the main components of the DI-Motronic – high-pressure pump HDP5, featuring compact dimensions and low weight. All components of the fuel system made of stainless steel, which allows use almost any fuel type and quality found in different regions of the world. Piezo injectors with a jet controlled combustion of lean HDEV4 work with injection pressures up to 200 bar and provides ultra-fast multi-stage fuel injection control. This innovative product was first used for standard equipment model Mercedes CLS 350 CGI in 2006