Children and Money

And when the piggy bank will be full, then unpack and buy a decent gift to your child that he understood the essence of funds. You can also teach them how to save in the small. For example, they can save money on travel while avoiding using a bus for short distances. Instead of spending money on the bus, they can walk. Investing in the future the same way as adults, children need to know how invest the accumulated money from savings. If your kids ask you to buy an expensive toy or gift, you can tell that they saved pocket money and bought their own. If they are indignant about In order to buy out the savings available to you to explain all the benefits of this deal for him and your family. Eliot Horowitz often addresses the matter in his writings. You can also invite them to buy good books instead of toys.

And most important, my friends, you can with your child by showing and explaining to him to invest their money together with your child in the plans, whether it's recreation or insurance. Official site: Ray Kurzweil. This allows them to understand that the money saved will be of huge benefit if they invest correctly. Avoiding unnecessary costs you have to teach a child to avoid unnecessary expenditure. Tell them how you avoid making unnecessary expenses. For example, you can show children that the presence of extra cheese on your burger requires extra money, while you and without this cheese can satisfy their hunger. Similarly, we can use one hand, we can again and again to use its filling paste, no need to buy new handle. Be careful what you teach you have to do the same as you teach your children. In the end, the children always imitate their parents and behave accordingly.

It is therefore very important that you also appreciate the money and were permanent control over the management of funds. Finally, the child must understand that money is not easy to accrue. Work & Money Children should not be required to perform heavy work. There is a good tradition in the United States America. Americans do as follows. Every time give a child a task at home, for example, wash dishes, or clean shoes parents. After the child finished the task, parents check how well they done their work and give pocket money as a reward. Thus the child begins to understand the essence of making money, that money comes only through hard work and begin to understand the price of money. From an early age raising a child by 'carrot and stick' the Americans are making to the age of 18 their children to live independently, financially independent life. Dear Parents, Performing the above actions will help you explain your child the importance of money. If they understand the importance of money at an early age, they will have a bright future! They can make appropriate decisions regarding savings and investment, and will learn to accomplish more in life.

At Aldi

Who has his very own, personal and individual problems with money, dealing with money, or with the subject of money in General and in principle, which is at this point, said: I’m at H.E.L.L.P.S very much more than just money collecting, sponsorships / helpers high. It concerns the spiritual side: hope dedication loyalty Solution-oriented self-help power of love is power for life solidarity, perhaps I should write better, who so much of it that he can deliver what I, may it please do. Then I distribute it fairly among those who are not seemingly not so blessed. But how should be possible renewal, as long we don’t know: what is hope? What is commitment? What is loyalty? What is Losungsorientierteebenshilfe? What is power of love power for life? What is solidarity? What istgerecht? How much do you need of them? How much do I need it? How much does my neighbor of it? When is enough? Yes, there’s really still very, very busy at the root world wide H.E.L.L.P.S is for all this! Pay rent & power with a container of bread is not! At Aldi, we can not pay with pockets full of love! H & M trades not the old worn out clothes of my daughter with new! Money alone is not filthy, dirty, disgusting, nauseating or reprehensible, the ideas are the ones to which money is being misused. And these come only from People, so by us, they are born in us, in our minds, in our hearts and be implemented with our hands! Why do we responsible money for something, we have to take responsibility for himself. Why don’t we practice: self responsibility self-initiative self-confidence these things are vital! These things are worthy of support! How long we as parents relatives, acquaintances, neighbors, teachers, therapists, doctors, healers and Lightworkers silently watch, not game intervene enough and do what needs to be done, so that a poor, ill and lost soul unable is to such a fact as in Winnenden? A day, a week, a month, a year, many years? When we will be a blessing for all who meet and more pose no danger? How want to we what change in the world, if we are not prepared our attitude to the issue of poverty, hunger, money, success, sex, power, violence, truth.Benevolence in ourselves to change? A truth is, that we to do nothing wiser as our children, our parents or society for our own failure, failure and addiction potential blame.


Either operate on language causation, or use a set of abstract concepts ("risk", "death", "disgrace", the name of the symptoms and much of what the child can not learn by associating with their sensory experience, ie, as he knows and wants to do). Talking with your child in the language of logic, the adults do not think about the simple fact that children are not available in this language fully, they are just starting to learn. Imagine that you need talk to a foreigner whose language you do not own. Perhaps you are using the following strategy: start talking with him in his language, using the help of intermediaries (dictionary, translator), but still on his tongue; using non-verbal means of communication (body language, emotions). To do this, you must refuse to use in explaining the abstractions of terms. As a practical exercise, try to explain to a child (you can imaginary) that he found in the courtyard of the used syringe is a real danger not only his health but life.

At the same time to explain better to forget abstractions such as "death", "contagious" hiv infection and aids. Just do not forget the main rule – to explain the inexplicable is only possible with the help of a friendly, that was already in the sensual experience of the child. So, explain to your child in a language he understands, and the level of development. There are lots of ways to do this: Very young children understands body language, facial expressions, intonation, and emotional manifestations.

Nature Gifts

The first Russian marks with scent came in a series of "Gifts of Nature: The five stamps featuring strawberry, melon, apple, pear and pineapple. Each of them is covered with fragrant with the smell of glue the appropriate fruit. In 2001 in the uk were issued stamps with the scent of eucalyptus, and later in Switzerland produced stamps with taste and smell of chocolate. Invitations, postcards, brochures, catalogs, tour packages. Such gifts are also often perfumed. The aroma can be a part of brand strategy, ie are branded fragrance, and simply leads to a pleasant association. For example, tour packages can smell the freshness, the tropics, the sea.

Books, notebooks, notebooks. "Aromaknigi" for example, published in America. Smells are selected based on the theme: books on the marine theme smell of the sea, books about flowers and floriculture fragrance of flower arrangements, Christmas tales exude a fragrance of pine. A scented pads and notebooks found in the proposals of firms that sell souvenirs, quite often. Some companies release "aroma phone". For example, Phone companies are equipped with Electronic Aromas cassettes with a set of "basic" materials, which combine to create different scents.

Code of any flavor can be optionally sent via communication. In this case, sniffed, could be find out who is calling you. A similar product is the firm Olfacom: a device designed to reproduce the scent with the motor, ventilation system and odor cartridge. Aromatherapy is a mobile phone and the company Hyundai. Opening phone, you feel a pleasant smell.

Raising A Son

OBJECTIVE: May 31, 2011 I am helping my 7-year-old son to be healthy, intelligent, creative, independent! "Criteria and Strategies: The son alone and without a reminder: Every day preparing your own breakfast and lunch. Meet daily with pm in the school portfolio and clothing toys are cleaned daily (every night) Everyday removes his bed and spreads her in the evening every day is itself a capsule clothing, respectively, the weather, style and performance. 2.Syn well for this: Every day he makes a charge for 10 minutes. Morning and evening of 3 min. brush their teeth, wash face, neck and ears 2 times a week, enjoy visiting the sports section every day in the morning allows you to safely lubricate the nose oxolinic ointment and take vitamin C (autumn-winter-spring) Twice a year, taking vitamin complex Weekly takes a bath, where he lather does prevention femoza himself, washes his head without a whim. Weekly visits the pool. Daily walk 1 km and festivities on the playground at least 1 hour on weekends in all weather conditions is not less than 4 hours of activities – football, bambinton, swimming, volleyball. 3.

Son mastered the Lyceum program, manages all subjects: can draw a cartoon in flash, maintain a simple conversation in English, count in your mind how much deposit should give the store, write a letter to my grandmother and grandfather in Russian, translated independently Page Ukrainian text. Daily yourself makes all the lessons. Daily free evaluates their progress daily, and can articulate what we could do better without the fear of being punished. .


Have you ever tried to relax and at least for a few minutes, absolutely nothing to do, just sit quietly? If not, then you missed the simple lesson of relaxation and the ability to detach himself from the set small concerns, which are so weary of everyday life. Often we are so busy, so fussed that simply do not notice as well – to sit quietly. If you ever wondered how to get yourself simple pleasure, then here's a ready answer! Regardless of how stressful your life is and how numerous your responsibilities, you probably have an opportunity to carve out at least five minutes during the day and sit in silence. If you do this, you will immediately feel the number of positive points that have a beneficial effect on your attitude towards life. First, you get a breather, a chance to relax and recharge tired bodies. In addition, you will have the opportunity to clear the mind and to reflect and draw inspiration for future cases. Often, our eternal haste we only fuels bad habits. And sitting quietly, we destroy the negative charge accumulated during the day.

When you sit and rest your mind, very often you come to a decision long-standing problem. Calm has a relaxing effect on the nervous system, resulting in your intuition and acumen acute. It is very easy to dismiss this proposal, regarding it as too primitive. However, I have come to the conclusion that it is not. In fact, many of the best strategies to improve the quality of life is very simple. The problem is that we do not find time for their introduction into practice. Here is an example of some of these 'primitive' strategies: Exercise and sleep enough, eat light and healthy foods, think only about good, Avoid drugs and alcohol and so on. Despite their apparent simplicity and wisdom hidden in them, few of us should like the commandments.

Sit quietly – strategy 'from the same opera', wise and simple, but potentially valuable. I'm not a doctor so I can not say for sure, but I think that, after sitting quietly for several minutes, the person receives a tangible and positive results for health. For example, I know that when I sit quietly, my body and brain feel better. Breathing becomes more measured. Neck and shoulders are not so tense. Just a couple of minutes later I was feeling cheerful and peaceful. When you're tense, fuss, you're much more disposed to unrest over trifles. But once you sit down and relax as you are unlikely to be able to say about myself that are angry or tired. Sure, it's very simple sentence, with whom I can contact you. To implementation requires only a few minutes. It costs nothing and can be done anywhere. I sincerely believe that if you do this exercise at least several times a day, it will be easier to perform the volume of cases that you have set for themselves. And the fact that until now seemed an insoluble problem, appear far less significant.