Evolving Photographic Technology

And if not, we have in most cases, although to a lesser extent, the negative support, although with some wear serves as a system of what we now know as “backup.” And the way to lose those old photos is either thrown away by both the albums and their backups (and negative) which is not very common or that we burn the house, which fortunately is not very usual. That is, for decades, the photos had a conservation system itself and also back up without being aware of it. However, today we have evolved technologically in leaps and bounds, how we keep the pictures? Usually when we take photographs, downloaded on your PC, use programs that are classified and stored. The more cautious take a backup and store them on external devices such as CDs or DVDs. With that we think we already have in a safe and well kept. But we ask, how these devices will endure over time. Do we think with a vision of photography named 50 years before? Are we sure that those backups have been made properly and be in a position when you want it back? What life have saved data on a CD? CD Is a technology that pervasive in 50 years? Will we have readers to view? What I refer to this, is that we are taking many pictures today, the stability of the supports on which the store is very fragile. We have all the pictures stored on a hard disk at the cost of that in a split second from a peak of tension in our wiring, we lose all those photos.

Or that the alleged backup we have stored photos as CDs or DVDs are not effective at the time of wanting them back or if it is long term, it may not exist or devices that can read. The picture is rather negative, since in 50 years I predict that the proportion of stored pictures from the pictures taken, it will be much lower than at present if we go back 50 years ago. Therefore, if one is fond of photography and also concerned about both the conservation of those moments captured as the value that may have both sentimental and economic, one has to establish a real backup system with a very specific methodology and designed in view of the effectiveness of conservation of these documents will endure over time. Cheer up, because if you’re careful, you can keep your pictures all his life, but it is a system neither cheap nor convenient. Like just returning to the traditional paper albums. But who puts on paper the thousands of pictures that we have today?