Brazilian Courses

In accordance with given raised next to the vestibule of the INEP, the courses of teaching formation, with the biggest taxes of evasion it enters the years of 2007 and 2009 had been the courses of licenciaturas in: physics, mathematics, chemistry and biology, in this order. Analyzing such data, she was possible to create a graph on the situation of the evasion in all the country: She is necessary that much is made in order to minimize the evasion tax, therefore the number of pupils whom they decide to attend a course Licenciatura, already is not the sufficient to supply the imbalance of professors in the country, and with the desistance the picture if it becomes still more critical. Such attitudes will have that to be taken individually by each institution, therefore she is necessary a study on the reality of the community where the same one is inserted. Some institutions, searching to diminish the evasion, are offering discipline of levelling in specific substances, at the beginning of the academic life, so that this pupil has one better condition to give to continue its graduation. PIBID/CAPES One of the best initiatives of the federal government until today in relation to the Brazilian education is the creation of the Institucional Program of Stock market of Initiation to Docncia (PIBID). The Coordination of Perfectioning of Staff of Superior Level (Capes), that before it answered only for after-graduation courses, started to receive, in 2009, a budget of R$ 1 billion destined the formation of professors. The program offers stock markets so that pupils of licenciaturas are inserted in the pertaining to school environment on supervision, in order to be made familiar to the reality of the pertaining to school community. Thus, these pupils will go knowing to the few the profession and the challenges and will be able to carry through research that can contribute for improvement of the teaching formation.