State Process

One knows that, currently, argued dasquestes more in the whole world it becomes related the ambient problems. In virtue of the population growth and the great human accumulations, devasta, it is burnt, polui and one contaminates it Land, in significativaspropores, affecting the human being, the plants, the animals and the quality of guae of air. The Program is based on pedagogical activities desenvolvidaspelos educators, children, familiar and community in general,> throughout the year, culminating in competitions for awarding of best writings, drawings pedagogical eexperincias, whose permeia central subject the defense of the environment. () They had been carried through in the five public schools, being two dPrefeitura and three of the State, qualitative and semistructuralized research with multiplying osagentes that are the representatives of the Program Sowing. to parafacilitar this work, by means of the collection of data, the strategies deperguntas had been divided in five categories. The qualitative inquiry that it aims at to understand the fenmenossociais, in terms of its process and the experience lived deeply human being.

Inquiry this that tries, over all, to understand as the people gives sentidos things and to the world. In this aspect, it is possible to say that the pesquisadorqualitativo is necessarily involved in the life of the citizens. It is to validoressaltar that the people who participate of the process are not simplesreservatrios of information, but are recognized as citizens that elaborate sensible edo to the events. In the understanding of this process, valley to detach algumasreflexes pointed for Bogdan & Biklen (1999) on aspects of the pesquisaqualitativa: In the qualitative inquiry the direct source of data is oambiente natural, constituting the investigator the main instrument. Thus, oinvestigador considers that the human behavior is influenced contextoem by it that occurs, dislocating itself whenever possible for the study place. The qualitative evaluation is descriptive, demanding that mundoseja examined with the idea of that nothing it is trivial, that everything has potential to paraconstituir a track that allows in them to establish a maisesclarecedora understanding of the study object.