Radio Transmitting Programs

The program Dzomo Ayun, that transmits all the Tuesdays Radio Voice of the Coast, of 9,30 to 10hrs had the mission and the pleasant encounter with the sculptor, I lived Fuchslocher, a great artist who left to our encounter with his habitual calidez, back in Cuinco, way to Trumao, place that locks up the mystery of these hands of creative woman, generous in his char it where one appears tiny not condice yet the art who takes exerting kill time in the middle of the woman tasks agriculturist, and mother. This visit without doubts had a different shade, the program looks for to recognize, faces of simple women but that nevertheless they have given and generated in his lives qualities distinguish that them. Feminine as I lived, like him tenth that we feel to honor I tie that one stays like the flowers wild lilacs that adorn the entrance to that temple of the art where it is having a discussion with the clay that in short whiles seemed to emerge from a universal uterus, molding perhaps the flight of Vicente, a crystallization that leads to Marisol Waters to us and to a moving silence inevitable. It cheers to us that this osornina artist returns a to surprise with fusions of textures and materials to us. While we crossed the great amount of pieces to see and or to take, we continued it listening, sharing a conversation without rimbombantes terms, its attachment to the Earth, that that it maintains it constantly sensible, receptive without more oppression than the one than she herself occurs to go to that wisdom that will say finished piece to him. To recover these to char them he is most stimulating of Dzomo Ayun, creative Joy of Woman, hands, histories of life, faces of beautiful women, who have shared from their heart that passion subsists that them, signals leave that us in a territory that if we cheered up to look for and to discover, can surprise to us.