Managing Change

Each month of May is celebrated as Mother's Day-a time to tell mothers everywhere how much we love and honor them. Amid all the holiday revelry should take some time to reflect on what this day represents, after nine months of waiting and crossing the threshold of the birth of a new beginning. When I became a mother, this festival took on new meaning, especially when my daughter graduated from college. Graduation ceremonies in the university has always held on Mother's Day as a special tribute to mothers who worked hard with the right of each student and they were glad to see the end and new beginning. I was one of the mothers and 27 years before that day, my mother was glad the day of the mother to see me go from the same university. Yes, Mother's Day creates a happy ending and the memories, but the end in themselves are not always happy occasions. We live in a world of new things. Finals almost always produces nostalgia and melancholy, and generate new beginnings a powerful combination of joy and fear.

What I do not like about Endings are so final. When something ends, a door closes. Things are never the same as before the final. They can be heartbreaking. There is a bitter nostalgia and tenderness associated with the endings-a feeling of regret for what we have lost, even if the ending is happy. They force us out of our routines. Endings are so insensitive. They do not care whether or not we are prepared for the transition to other things.