Social Assistance

Reaching the white public with profile to participate of the Social Programs so that they can be inserted in the market of work for socioeconmico and intellectual development of the individual and its family. For the efetivao of the intervention project if made necessary the promotion of partnerships, carried through with the Association of inhabitants Boa Vista I and II, Secretariat of the Child, the Social Adolescent and Politics? SCAPS, Program Stock market Family and Interactive University UNIDERP. The reached objectives had been to the accomplishment of information through Lectures and panfletagem, for the population with profile to participate of the Social Programs that the same ones can be benefited. We were invited to give another Lecture in day 15 of December of 2010, had to the positive impact generated by the information. The center of professional qualification is a project offered for the Secretariat of the Child of the Adolescent and Social Politics SCAPS, who takes care of devoid communities with the objective to promote the insertion and the generation of income social, promoting courses: manicure, hairdresser, violo, flute and acordeom. As all process of construction and accomplishment of a project of Social Assistance she has its obstacles, we find difficulties for the accomplishment of the same: had the electoral period the Secretariat of the Child, the Social Adolescent and Politics? SCAPS was hindered to carry through social actions, as well as to supply resources so that the Project was executed, thus harming the accomplishment of the activities proposals in the cronograma, and consequentemente changes through the monitoramento and evaluation in meetings of the trainees. The carried through activities had been meetings with the community; pamphlet confection and spreading through panfletagem in strategical points of the community and the city; spreading and explicitao through radio and sonorous marketing (sound car); lectures. Considering the methodology as covered and carried through way, the Project was executed through lectures carried through in the space of the Association of Inhabitants Boa Vista I and II, where we will deliver pamphlets I contend information on the courses offered for the program, and informative Lecture on the necessary condicionalidades for insertion in the Social Programs.. .

Educational Institutions

Characterization of the research of field In both, educational institutions the motivation of the adult to the return the classroom is, low the instruction in consequence of the social exclusion. In the first institution the methodology of the knowledge that prevalecente, is begun in the preexisting cognition of educating, whereas in the second institution works with the methodology Pablo Freire using itself of generating subjects. The difficulties of daily the daily one, together with the found pertaining to school evasion in the educational establishment are factors that make it difficult the return of the adult the escolarizao. In the educational net of the CIC, a work directed only to the alfabetizao does not exist, however, in the region of the Farm Rio Grande the school possesss the Project Light of the Letters and the Inclusive Education. That it provides to educating alfabetizao, concomitant the reality that lives and leaving of the premise of generating subjects. In this direction educating goes of meeting with its reality, where it finds difficulties, next to the memorization, therefore to the end of its hours of working, still find forces for classroom.

Therefore, the professors of Municipal School 26 of January introduce colloquy wheels, where the generating subjects go of meeting practise with them educative of the establishment. Constructing to a differentiated reality the infantile alfabetizao, and exploring the experiences that each educating possesss. Thus this interactive envolvement the education, is based on action – reflection and action. With intention to insert educating the society, and fomenting projects that long for the generation of income of the same. Therefore, beginning its social inclusion, democratically and intellectually with professional qualification and recognizing its citizenship. Consideraes final the longevity came to foment new concepts, on the aging diagnosising cognitivas and affective difficulties, that in the great majority of the events are related the consisting historical concepts, for an obsolete and miditica society.

With the growth maturativo of the individual constructs reflexivas actions, that start to go of meeting to the identity of a new society, that deprives for establishing systems politicians. That they aim at to supply the lacks of the aged one, with methodologies of learning, affective conditions of subsistence and relations. While, that science and its new technologies develop techniques so that each time more the adult arrives at the longevity. Lins of the Guimares Peixoto. Coralline Cora Ed. Is Jose Olympio. s P. 1965. Ridley, Matt, the Queen of Pantries the sex and the evolution of the nature human being, Lisbon, Gradiva, 2005.

SEEJ Activities

Exactly knowing that the questionnaires were sigilosos, the professors had had some distrust to cite the negative points believing to be able to suffer some punishment in the school. But some had mentioned points, as: Precariousness of physical space for the pedagogical activities; Lack of a fixed nucleus, as requirement of the SEEJ, that offers good conditions of use, therefore the places where today the activities happen need maintenance; Lack of correction or punishment, a time that the pupils do not present limits and rules; Fatigue of the pupils in regular education after the activities of the Program. Physical space for one practical esportiva is of extreme importance, therefore when the activities inside of the school are proposals, it finishes for all disturbing the remaining portion of the daily pertaining to school. Also it has a necessity of if planning joint activities with the school, so that thus it can have progressos greaters in escolarizao of the involved students with the Program New Olmpica Mines Generation. When asked on the impacts of the Program in the pertaining to school passages of the students registered the State School Antonio Moreira de Queiroz, the majority of the interviewed professors enxergava of positive form the intervention of the Program, as form to accent the potentialities of each student. Also they had answered that these educandos are more receptive and finishes thus for facilitating the learning in classroom.

In an one of the questionnaires teacher it said that it did not obtain to perceive no influence of the activities of the Program in the pertaining to school passage of these educandos. Some suggestions form given, explicitando the knowledge lack on the Program and the necessity to cure this lack. Amongst the suggestions: Qualification for the professors; Meetings for evaluation; Continuity of the trainees to give to sequence to the work, preventing a rotation of these; To have a work in set with the school; Spreading of the Program.