Patient Transformation

The patient has a generalized infection can occur as the local infection, through the unsatisfactory asepsis, resulting in bacteremia, and provoking pain in the coasts, hiperthermia, vomits and discomfort In the current days the necessity of continued education is unquestioned, in way to enable the professional through a reflexiva and participativa education. In the nursing this practical if makes in such a way important how much in the other areas, therefore, with this education the nursing professional will find ways and strategies of improvements in the attendance to the customer, guaranteeing to it constant improvement of the essential techniques in the hospital environment and the life of the health professional. The intravenosa therapy is one technique that needs practical-scientific knowledge for its execution, studies demonstrates the necessity of the form, health professionals to keep its brought up to date knowledge, namely, and to detect possible agravos in the inadequate handling of this technique. In this aspect, to include the education continued as a process that stimulates the transformation of the organization if makes necessary, assigning qualification occasions and of personal and professional development, through a vision it criticizes and responsible of the fact, having as consequence the construction of important knowledge for the institution, the profession and society. The results must be analyzed to get necessary information concerning the raised problem, had been courts of appeals the following categories. Preparatory Phase: as the nursing technician they prepare the material that will be used, the patient and the place of the puno.

2.Fase of Accomplishment: as the professional carries through the technique of insertion of the catheter. In the item laundering of the hands, a percentage of 88,88% was gotten (16 technician) that they had not carried through this stage of the preparatory phase. Being this one of the item of bigger importance for research.