Professional Ethics

The professional ethics always must be made of a reflection initiated still in the phase of professional formation, even though before the initiation of that pupil in practical periods of training. The ethics can also have meant of ' ' dwelling humana' ' , that is, thus helping to become the social environment a place each better time. Being thus a to be followed reference so that the people can become each day more human beings, so that the necessities of the other can enxergar, exactly that this possesss a censured illness. The AIDS brought to tona sufficiently delicate ethical points, therefore the necessity appears to balance the rights and the necessities of the individual and public good. (According to Pine et all, 2005). AIDS: According to Parslow et all: The Syndrome of Imunodeficincia Adquirida (AIDS) was described for the first time in 1981.A identification of the HIV as etiolgico agent of the AIDS in 1983? 1984 quickly were followed of the characterization of the virus and the cells? target infectadas by it, as well as the briefing of the numerous consequences of the infection.

The studies epidemiologists had identified the main populations that corem the risk to contract the infection, as well as the ways by which the virus can be transmitted. The clinical illnesses associates to the infection for the HIV had been classified, and had been planned therapeutical strategies for its treatment or suppression. According to Janewai et all: Currently they are known for less two types of HIV, HIV1 and HIV2, that closely are related. The HIV2 is endemic in Africa Occidental person, and currently it is spread in India. However, the majority of the cases of AIDS in the whole world is caused by the HIV1, more virulent. According to Craven et all: Symptoms of the AIDS: active phase: eruption, cough, nocturnal indisposio, sudorese, linfadenopatia.