UTI Nursing

A link is concluded that the strategies used in the scope of the humanizao in the Unit of Terapia Intensiva (UTI) facilitate and open familiar a bigger space of communication between of interned patients and the nursing technician, creating that tends to benefit and to make possible the recovery in skillful time of the patient. It is also given credit that much already happened in the practical one, in view of also the experience of one of the authors of this research that lived deeply situations in which the care humanizado in UTI happened. Perhaps it has been this factor that was preponderant in the recognition of the benefits of the humanizao strategies and as they are essential for the comfort and recovery of the patient. Recognizing that the familiar presence of/the accompanying one does not confuse the cares of nursing executed by the same ones and yes it values the given assistance. However, still we find technician in nursing that considers that the relation between familiar and team of health must strict be professional, a more cold relation, taking in consideration the critical state of the patient. However, it was clearly that same with this dificultador factor the relation between family and technician of nursing is always respectful. At last, each patient possesss its particularitities which they need to be understood and to be respected. the nursing technician, has basic paper, therefore it who remains in the unit having constant contact with the patient in the period where this if finds hospitalized and in direct contact with its family is. However, all change requires of each familiar member of the team and an acceptance to the new arrangement, transforming the paper of each one, making possible the familiar team, patients and in different periods of training if to adjust and to establish a satisfactory relation. When finishing this study, we identify in the nursing technician people who develop its professional activity searching to unite the knowledge and the ability technique to the understanding of the real situation lived for the patient and its familiar ones, while submitted to the environment of intensive therapy.