The Cells

We know that the breast cancer, is presented as a tumor of hard consistency, of limits badly definite, being able to vary of one until some centimeters of dimetros. The majority of the carcinomas of glands mammary has its origin in the covering cells of ducto terminal of the tree would suck, in the transistion between the ductal portion and to acianar. The characteristics of differentiation for the cells of the ductal covering, or cells of the component to acinar (to lobular), are gifts same in the neoplsicas cells with transformation and give origin to the ductais carcinomas, loburales and its subtypes, respectively (FALZONI, 2000). The breast cancer can precociously be detected and the strategies for its detention are three: 2.3.1 Auto-examination of Mama (AEM) Is the technique through which the woman examines its proper breasts. The recommendation is that it is made monthly, after the menstruation.

For the women who do not menstruam, as for example, those that already meet in the menopause, or the ones that if they had submitted the histerectomia (removed of uterus), or still those that they are suckling, they must arbitrarily be chosen one day of the month and be carried through the auto-examination all month on this day. This artifice serves so that the woman creates the habit and not if it forgets to carry through the auto-examination of the breasts. This examination allows the discovery of how much in such a way malignant benign nodules of breast. It is essential that the woman always looks a doctor for evaluation of any joined alteration. We stand out that, by means of the systematic examination and periodic of the breasts, made for the proper woman, an adequate treatment is possible to surprise malignant tumors of small dimensions allowing, consequently, a good one I foretell. The auto-examination of the breasts does not have to substitute the clinical examination carried through by professional of health trained for this activity. .