The Individual

It does not have to exist coercion, order, but orientaes with arguments, theoretical and practical base; in case that contrary, the health professionals create unsurmountable barriers. The nurses must act as familiar educators and as the co-educators, thinking about common problems as: fears, preconceptions, doubts, unreliabilities, impotence, resistance and hopelessness. Everything this aims at to catch messages, signals, signs, gestures, skills, expressions of the body. In the biological field, it is possible to feel the temperature, the color of the skin, the rhythm of the breath; in the communication, one understands what we are speaking and if we understand what the family speaks; if the question or reply is clear or confused, if it brings some concern not expressed clearly in the relations, is possible to identify if it exists or not confidence, if it exists affection or not, as they are treated, as they are complimented. When deciding on the agreement, it must be written and be signed by the interested parties and to become a legal instrument, in order to prevent future problems for the involved ones. Strategies for the education the inquiry is exercised quite frequently, over all when it is taught, research and when is in constant search for one another pedagogia of freedom, that if develop by means of: dramatical games to speak of image, dramatizaes, creation of dolls, sociopotica, cineclube and dynamic in group of diverse modalities.

The techniques and methods of education stimulate the learning since that appropriate for the necessities of the individual. The members of the family must be involved in the sessions of possible education whenever. They supply another source the reinforcement of the material and can help the pupil to remember the instructions more ahead. They also can supply to precious information of evaluation regarding the situation of life of the person and on the necessities of learning correlatas.