Intensive Therapy

We perceive that diverse of the cited actions they are common in the Units of Intensive Therapy, however, many times executed without perception of its importance or erronia way and without the indispensable asepsis. In order to solve this point, we detach the importance of the education in health of the team how much to the writs of prevention, emphasizing the nursing, therefore you are welcome it advances to exist predefined strategies if the health team does not practise them of commanded and routine form, visa despite in the control service of the infection the collective participation is necessary. The adhesion of the workers to the measures of prevention and control of the infections is in the dependence of a process of constant formation (permanent), in order to establish a reflective, humanizado and conscientious attendance critical/in its practical daily. (AZAMBUJA, 2004). According to Ribeiro, Motta (2005) apud Of I castrate Days (2007), the Education in Health has as object the change in the process of work, guided in such a way for the access to the services of health and improvement of the quality of the same ones, as well as the fairness of the care. Consequently the challenge of this education is to stimulate the development of the conscience in the professionals on the context, for the responsibility in the permanent process of qualification. Programs of basic education have recognized that the PAVM occurrence can be reduced in 50% or more using some interventions to prevent the settling of the inferior respiratory treatment.

Soon, the prevention must be part of strategies of handling of the PAVM. (CARRILHO, 1998) Second Rasp and its collaborators, would have to be given more attention for strategies that define patients of risk for the PAVM, where these can be dealt in a short time and with only therapy. The mortality of this pathology can be reduced by the identification of the factors of risk and the prevention. Considering that it has prevenveis infections and these they depend to the intermittent work of the nursing team, can be concluded therefore, that it has increasing and permanent necessity of ' ' to recycle conhecimentos' ' , as well as admitting new for part of all the profissio