Variety Of Pizza Dough

Variety of pizza dough. Pizza – a kind of tart with various fillings. Filling for a pie is the most versatile. You can use: fish fillet, ham, frankfurters, sausages, hard boiled eggs, cheese, mushrooms (especially mushrooms), sweet Bulgarian pepper, onion, tomato, young zucchini, eggplant, peppers young beans, fresh carrots, olives, mayonnaise, tomato paste, dill, parsley, celery, basil. In short, you can prepare the stuffing out of all that there is at hand. An important advantage of pizza is that its preparation does not require large expenditures of time and effort.

It serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, to tea, to coffee; pizza is convenient to take the trip, go fishing in the woods. In short, the pizza is a universal dish, and also easy to prepare. Now a closer look at the pizza recipes. When cooking pizza using different tests. There are many types of dough, but the pizza fit the following: Sweet dough for pizza (soda, sour cream, eggs, milk) should be prepared from high-grade flour, but you can use any available home flour.

Important components of this type of test are butter or margarine, granulated sugar or powdered sugar, eggs (sometimes just the egg yolks). As the liquid take milk, sour cream. You can add a maximum of dough that will make the taste more savory dishes prepared. If the recipe you want to add to the dough leavening agent (usually baking soda), it is mixed with flour, and flour with sugar, then sift the mixture through a sieve. Next to This mass is added in the following sequence of grated butter or margarine, eggs and water. Combine all products first with a knife, then knead the arm, leaving small lumps, then paste rolled on a board in a thin layer (3 mm). Before baking the dough smeared with egg (an egg yolk cup). Pizza dough must be round, thoroughly stirred. After kneading the dough is left to lie down on a cutting board for several hours, then spread on a baking sheet oiled well and place in preheated oven. Puff pastry flour for pizza, good quality, fresh, firm butter or margarine, egg yolk. Water, vinegar and salt. Pizza dough is prepared as possible in a cold room. Read More Variety pizza dough.