In the most beautiful place on the snow-covered taiga banks of the Lena River is very special town of Ust-Kut. All residents of Ust-Kut has its own identity, but hardly the whole world could learn about the city and its people through World Wide Web, if not worked Lena newspaper Vesti and photo exhibition created by Larissa Tabarintseva creative. Photo exhibition – a collection of interesting, amazing photos of the city residents. The authors of works prepared The first exhibition of his work for the holiday town. July twentieth Historical Museum of Ust-Kut affably opened huge doors for anyone who reveres his native city and each resident. Of course, the exhibition itself is not created themselves. Strenuous preparatory work was carried out by amateurs to shoot beautiful photos, headed by Larissa Tabarintseva, whose works also included in the list included in the exhibition of the works.

And turned a great photo exhibit photos of Ust-Kut saw with my own eyes how beautiful people are located on the banks of the broad Lena. Nearly twenty amateur photograph people and other objects showed what could be the exposition, as wise and surprising residents of Ust-Kut. What strikes the eye of the taiga people, full of wisdom and kindness. You begin to believe that, yes as long as born in Russia this kind of people, no enemy will be able to drop to their knees this great land. A happy faces Ust-Kut on the photo kids inspire unwavering faith in a brighter future. A smile immediately formed on the face when you look at the laughing children.

With pleasure and joy brought to the inhabitants of cameras this city. These photos are found the response from all visitors to the exhibition, which is understandable in many warm reviews on the website of the newspaper to Lena. Clearly, an exhibition of photographs and decided to keep even turn it into an exit. As only an opportunity, a work of art went to other places. In the settlement of Niya was held to date edition of Lena, and people living in the village that day had a good opportunity to enjoy photographs of his friends from the city on the river Lena. Undoubtedly, this event brought a team of newspapers and books for sale, and entertainment, but only photos was a thin bridge between the souls of the villagers and the city. Now people got to know the relationship between not diminish. You need only wish this exhibition a large number of photographs of successful tours in the next towns, that are located on the shores of the great river and beyond. A themselves masters of the photo is not necessary to stop there. So many nice poses a city of Ust-Kut and the neighboring villages. All this is necessary to demonstrate to residents and neighbors, all the beautiful places shown in the viewer fascinating photographs, and they will admire and future generations. Strong energy of these works will be transmitted to humans as much as possible.