SelfRepairing PCs

Independent PC repair: Is it worth trying? What do you do when you start to feel bad? That's right! Dial a friend the doctor, go to the pharmacy or have to go to the doctor. You can certainly do and self, but would the consequences of self 90% of cases are not predictable? And what if the 'was' slow down''your work computer? Where to go in this position? And would it not be lightly made decision as detrimental to the 'body' computers, as in the case of the human body? Of course it will. The role of highly skilled computer help today successfully carried out our computer services in Odessa. Our professionals – wizards of computer technology, computer configuration wizards and geniuses of computer service ready to provide you with a comprehensive service of computer equipment to the computer and connected polnuyu_nastroyku devices to optimize network connections and right to create a computer network. If your computer is broken, our ringing master computer repair at home will help as soon as possible and with excellent value for money – quality of services to solve the problem, restore lost data, find the ideal configuration for your computer system capabilities, but if your computer is infected with a virus – to find their way and get rid of them.

Quality of service – the best business card professional! That is the motto of our service. We know our customers 'in person', we know the strengths and weaknesses of their equipment, we carry their complete maintenance and never leave to chance. The quality of computer services to our concept – not only professional, timely and prompt computer assistance, but also concern about the financial status of the client. Time spent and computer literate upgrade will give him a second life and is often the only option for the customer who is not able to purchase a new, more modern and powerful PC. You always have a choice – save on the cost of professional services, or pay more at the store, but after all sooner or later turn to a professional. Agree that the adoption of the correct solution is still better hurry – and fewer problems, and Cheaper! We wonder when the client is satisfied with the level of services and prices for them, we love when our clients come to us after returning again and again. You can not be everywhere and professional throughout and that so come to us, because self is not without turmoil. We will help you buy a cheap computer in Odessa, mozhempredostavit warranty on the entire range of services and equipment, and can give a guarantee if you yourself, engaging in 'self'? We give you the latest information on market components, and access to the most competitive prices.

Exterior Walls

For sufficiently smooth facade planes – the deviation of less than 30 mm for the entire height of the facade – the system consists of the following, consistently performed the layers: – primer – 'Praleska Grunt' STB 1263 – leveling layer – mortar 'Praleska SSM 30' N STB 1263 – blanket – adhesive 'Praleska SSM 85' – decorative and protective layer – the protective plaster 'Praleska SSM 36' STB 1263, painted with facade paint 'Praleska SNS' VD AK-11 Standard 28 196. A constructive solution of the system 'Praleska-GS' and thickness of the layers are given in Appendix B. In the case of concealed mounting cladding panels on the factory installed special fasteners in the form of anchor devices. For anchors with the bolt slide rails are attached. Cladding panels by means of slides are mounted on the guide profile and are fixed with screws. Regardless of the results of the calculation the thickness of the air gap must be at least 40 mm. To avoid constant wetting of insulation in places conjugation system with window and door openings, parapet and projecting elements of the facade of the building exterior soffits are installed in aluminum or galvanized steel profile, or of facing material. If the differences facade exterior wall surfaces (deviations as vertical and horizontal) are 30-60 mm in the entire height of the facade decoration in the following order: – primer – 'Praleska Grunt' STB 1263 – leveling layer – mortar 'Praleska SSM 30' N STB 1263 – protective layer – the adhesive 'Praleska SSM 85' STB 1072, reinforced with one layer of fiberglass mesh undeformed SSSH-160 1 – decorative protective layer – protective plaster 'Praleska SSM 36' STB 1263, painted facade paint 'Praleska SNS' VD-AK-11 Standard 28 196. A similar construction holds in the ground near the walls of silicate to the construc-struction of other materials (concrete, bricks, panels, etc.), and the launch of a reinforcing material in docked structure must be at least 200 mm.