Russian Borzoi

We decided to start Russian Borzoi – provide her regular jogging in the fields after the hare, or jumping on your small apartment, she not bring joy to you and she will be deeply unhappy. Do not try to make miniature poodles guard … in a small apartment better have a small dog. In an apartment building there is also the complexity content of loud barking dogs that interfere with their neighbors, so a dog with a child should be properly educated. If you are renting an apartment or house, you should obtain the consent of the owner in a rented room in the content of the dog. The dog should be as easy boss (no matter how utilitarian it sounds), then it will only bring joy to you and will be quite happy herself! So you have decided on the breed. Next question – why, actually, you dog, you'll do with it? Go to exhibitions? Work? Hunt? Sports? Or lie on the couch, huddled against her warm woolen side? On your choice of career and interest in dogs choice will depend on the breeder and the parents of the puppy. People keen exhibition dog breeding, are bright, rich life with new experiences.

Victory dogs, prizes, many friends, travel abroad – not life, but a holiday. And you decide to purchase a cool dog to enjoy the triumph diligently to grow from a puppy champion. But remember, the exhibition game – the lottery. And losing it at least a win. See if you love your dog – do not champion? And here you have a breeder of the litter and have to choose "his puppy." You need just a companion, friend and bodyguard, feel free to take a puppy in 2 – 3 months.