Main Steam

Noise at work does not exceed the general background noise of the equipment (pump group). Often the work umpeu be judged only by reading. This effect was achieved thanks to the quality of mixing steam and water in umpeu and applying pressure pulsation dampener heated flow, because principle of anti-vibration is simple – the better the blended environment, the less vibration and noise. Since the principle of umpeu does not imply the existence of cavitation processes in their work, they do not have cavitation erosion, which leads to their high durability (pilot installation worked without repair 8 years). Therefore, the manufacturer umpeu made using carbon and alloy steels (St20, St09G2S of seamless tubes and forged parts piping), which reduces manufacturing costs and provides high maintainability umpeu. Start-up. Run psa – means to create such conditions, when the given parameters of steam and water at the entrance by the calculated flow regime flow in the nozzle and the main thing – to jump seal was placed in the mixing chamber or the diffuser. The main obstacle to starting a psa is the inability to pass through it in the startup period the entire volume of the mixture, since by virtue of the transitional process, it is not have the necessary speed and density. Apply the following ways to run the PSA: by changing the start time on the input parameters of flows of steam and water (steam pressure, water pressure, temperature, steam, water temperature, steam dryness) or by removing part of the flow from the mixing chamber along its length, or by changing the geometry at the start time of psa (change in area of the mixing chamber) 2.