Seeing the time now, do not want to fake. I want to add the image may be a display, but for the avalanche debris is almost indistinguishable. A flash of light in the night and only. However, the decline of art – a separate issue and it is not considered here. Another remarkable discovery of romanticism is to understand that everyone sees differently.

So no one dares impose their own rules, and, hence, their mistakes, to another. The uniqueness of the artist is palpable only in the freedom of his work. In Europe, Romanticism in the late XVIII – early XIX century and the father was considered a forerunner of Michelangelo Buanarotti. The situation is limiting stress forces of nature and man (he had no differences mezhdeu them) are very interested in artists of the time. He was the guiding light for them, because he was a romantic. “Painting – this is not true situation, but the truth of feelings “- E. Delacroix.

So simple theme, black and white response to the Romantics unusually picturesque and full of meaning. Never-ending “classicism” of Soviet times has paved the way for lifting Romantic 60s. It was founded on the opposition to the old, outmoded forms of life and political structure of society. The dream of the “earthly paradise” that exists on earth, here and now maintained and inspires. Gleams of light that era, even and it’s not quite faded. Romanticism of the present day and from there draws strength and hope. Now other times and other obstacles, they generated. The struggle for the harmonization of life, searching points of support for human living, turned to new stage of history. The end of the twentieth century did not give anything new or original in the culture, apart from a few isolated voices, there was a stop motion. The shift towards technical-computing means of expression, new as assumed a universal method, which proved in the hands of technicians from the art, there is little that he gave, besides the concept of “globalism”, which rests on technological achievements, engaging in its scope more and more weight.