Digital Signage

Digital signage LA CONCEPT represents the diverse is the new buzzword in the advertising and media world digital media digital signage applications. This concept conceals a wide variety of applications and uses. In contrast to the traditional media, digital media can provide accurate measurements of success. The application areas span digital signage, in-store marketing at the point of sale, welcome and control systems up to large projections in – and outdoors. Digital signage is about more than just the use of public and LCD screens. Networking (audio) Visual elements are always in the foreground.

The combination of hardware and software is necessary. The content is an essential success factor in deploying digital signage elements. The factor content understands Newroom media Managing Director Lars onstage doing the importance: “content is King.” This motto applies to the digital signage sector more than ever. The digital media can only with target group-specific content useful used to achieve an increased attention. “As a full service provider in the we can access this area a great wealth of experience specifically combine and customize content.” Typical uses include public places such as railway stations and airports, but also in the in-store area. So, the different forms can be used at the point of sale.

In addition to the digital product consultants, public screens, digital trail signage and kiosks can be used. Here too, the Newroom media GmbH offers a large range of products for the different applications. As an innovative tool for the showcase advertising Cologne offers the air touch window an interactive showcase projection that puts the gestures of visitors into actions on the disc. Information systems, as well as advertising content can be combined with different terminal systems. Even in the outdoor area, the terminals can be used and result in large and robust outdoor advertising.