The Leg

Learn this easy. But it is possible. Charge infect and successfully communicating with people already attained success. Pump up the emotional and volitional muscle by performing increasingly difficult jobs. Deliberately freed from all sorts of "brake". One has only to believe and want! Start small – to move on a bit, burn the faith and passion to win and great confidence in what you can do anything. Win drawbacks, remove "brake" not giving full speed. Determine what you want when you lift the leg, in order to make a move, you already know exactly where she was rearranged.

Because you determine in advance where 'll go. And in any case: the more clearly the target, the more well-coordinated and directed movement towards her. The easier it is to formulate and carry out tasks to achieve it. You know, that is one of the secrets of prosperity Japanese firms – Giants? Strategy. They set goals for 250 years! And so, you must be a specific goal.

To be exact – a few goals. One global. For life. For example, to become a millionaire, or the best specialists in the world. And a few short-term – for years, months or even weeks. Taken together, they, of course, must be added together into one smooth, clear way. The path to your success. Gori and move towards the goal, depending on what goal you defined, you choose the speed and direction of movement. Like a rocket. For a missile to fuel its combustion. Same person in order to "burn" and move, we need faith and motivation.