Internet Shopping

Signing up for a car on the Internet and interactive marketing should always be something to try, if more is the theme of this article. But if this strategy is practiced, should get to have all the ropes tied to either not exhaust the smallest detail that motivates a complaint, now that the prosumers have the opportunity to raise their voices.

I will not talk about the famous Dell Hell, but reading complaints from users of the Canadian iPhone, and recalling the entries on Ikea of Microserfs or Air Europa Enrique Dans, we found a press release that the contest naked Viajes Marsans undertaken using twitter and your blog Travel Berta.

It turns out that Viajes Marsans gives some key route twitter, something that reportedly with little reaction time in Los trips Berta, for which supposedly the first to discover the key and is presented in the agency to collect the trip saying password wins the trip. Everything is correct and valid as if the threads are tied comment, but was not the case, as discussed in clipset first hand. And the reason is as regards the promotion itself, as explained in the inning.

It turns out that if the contest is the first to arrive at the office, and published the keys after the closing time of the office, but did not warn anyone that was presented during the night to collect his trip, he met the office closed and the problem of being unable to qualify for the award because the rules did not specify that this could happen to arrive. It seems a silly thing, could have been called, true, but did not specify that, and the good faith of the contestant would have believed that someone waiting to hand over the prize. Total, a disappointment, and an entry goals in the conversation that is the Internet, complaining about the competition and remain fairly read (a blog is influential in technological issues).

In other words, somewhere should have written rules specifying the fact that the office be closed. One thing very simple, it seems, until someone yells to the four winds. In this case, it ascends to the Internet.