Digital Booth Components

Digital booth components for a successful appearance at the international trade fair BIOTECHNICA in Hannover the BIOTECHNICA is the European platform for leads and knowledge transfer that will take place from November 5th until November 7th in the Hanover fair. The BIOTECHNICA is the starting point for the biotech sector and biotechnology. Here the latest products, solutions, and ideas are presented to investors, business partners and visitors. Where is also the business development in the focus, which allows access to the new business areas and new partners in addition to the leads, and the transfer of knowledge. The selection of the right exhibition stand concept is an important part of business development. The appealing presentation of own services and ideas ensures that the relevant interlocutors are addressed.

In particular digital components provide the necessary attention and the optimum presentation of products and solutions at the booth at the BIOTECHNICA. The digital components range through the classic Information terminals to the interactive projection and screens. The classical information terminals are used multimedia to communicate the information. So, the content also features images and videos can be presented. Barrier-free terminals, even persons with handicap can get access to the information. The screens are used to place content in the edu -, info – and entertainment environment and to generate high attention by the moving images. Both elements offer enormous potential at BIOTECHNICA, because even not yet marketable products as an idea will be presented and can realistically describe possible areas of use.

The interactive floor projections provide a high degree of interactivity. So, the attention of the visitors on the own stand can be directed. The interactive projections allow the playful delivery of the products and brand. So can even complex information easily and presented examples of best practice. The Cologne company LA CONCEPT offers a range of digital Components for the booth. So it can be decided between a wide range of information terminals. Designterminals as well as the combination of brochure stands and kiosks are available here. The screens can be integrated even into the wall of the exhibition. Monitor stands, the screens can be fully integrated and extend the printed message of fair wall to the interactive content of the screens. The interactive projections of the Cologne company reach high attention because the movements of visitors can be converted into actions and can be launched without touching presentations. So can be presented even complex product and solutions interactive and multimedia. Thus, information can be obtained individually and independently. For more information, see digital kommunikation.