Daimler Oil

In addition, new oil preserve these properties when used in cars, whatever from the year of their release. It can be both cars last technological generation and car-class Euro 4. This significantly reduces downtime and operating costs. Shell introduced in the Russian market two new products using the technology of Low saps – Shell Rimula R4 L and Shell Rimula R6 lme. These innovative oil designed for diesel auto engines operating under heavy load. Even in the most extreme operating conditions they reduce material costs by improving fuel economy and minimize the impact on the environment by reducing emissions. Designed specifically for diesel heavy-duty engines, Mineral oil Shell Rimula R4 L correspond to the latest requirements for emission standards (US 2007 and Euro V).

They provide increased protection not only motor but also to filter exhaust fumes. Even in the most severe conditions, Low-SAPS additives retain their protective properties. Oil Shell Rimula R4 L approved for use major auto companies – Volvo, Cummins, man, Detroit-Diesel, Mack, Mercedes-Benz. To a large extent this decision affected the magnificent results of the test run in the North America and Europe. A total of different cars to overcome the oil Shell Rimula R4 L about 30 million kilometers. Shell Rimula R6 lme is a synthetic oil with low content of phosphorus, sulfur and sulfated ash. It received the highest score such manufacturers as Daimler, and is recommended for use in engines with extended oil change intervals. Oil Shell Rimula R6 lme can be successfully used both for very low and very high air temperatures, while ensuring a high degree of engine protection even at high loads.

New oil increases the thickness of the oil film, preventing wear of rubbing parts, prolonging engine life. This enables in savings on maintenance and increase the time between ta. This also significantly reduces fuel consumption. In this case, fuel savings can amount to about 5%. For example, if annual mileage of 150,000 kilometers, the average consumption of 35 liters per 100 kilometers and diesel fuel price of 20 rubles per liter, the savings achieved in the year, more than 55,000 rubles per wagon. Oil Shell Rimula R6 lme is perfect for technology Euro 4 and 5. A new generation of oils consists of 16 products combined into six groups, under general brand Shell Rimula. Here they are: Shell_Rimula R2; Shell_Rimula R2 Multi / Extra / Extra CG; Shell_Rimula R3/R3 Multi/R3 X/R3 MV; Shell_Rimula R4 L; Shell_Rimula R5 M/R5 E; Shell_Rimula R6 lm / lme / M / me. Shell_Rimula R3 nx for engines powered by natural gas. New oils meet tolerances of manufacturers, regulatory compliance, new technologies and increased consumer needs.

Driving School

Typically, people choose a driving school, located close to home or far from the place of work. But many management and other principles. For example, some prefer a driving school, located in the center certainly the city – look representative, mention it prestigious. Someone, by contrast, is looking for a driving school in the suburbs, believing that the rules of the road for all the same, and the cost of training will be cheaper because of distance from the center. Can I save money? The pursuit of cheapness can play a cruel joke.

Say, when choosing a school, college for education, firm to work, we very meticulously studying the quality of teaching, the level of acquired knowledge, the prospects for further work. Is driving school is not worth the same balanced approach? Because ultimately at stake could be your life! Standard price full cycle of training in the driver's School is 500 ye. Perhaps saturation auto market affects such a significant variation in prices. Has the value and location of the driving school. Private schools offer their services at higher prices, but and best car out there, and a personal training schedule, and instructors are courteous. Should know exactly – it is the cost of a full course of study? Will there be other surcharges, such as for fuel during the practical driving rules for traffic tickets exam, exam delivery of training to the traffic police, etc.

"Avtoshkolnye" Many networks wishing to learn to drive with doubt perceive advertising driving school, giving the set of addresses phones and offers a flexible training schedule. Our people have long been conditioned to be suspicious: was not trying to lure us there every conceivable way to nowhere, offering not understand that? The presence of driving schools extensive network of branches and offices, as well as selection of various modes of study – morning, afternoon, evening and weekends, individual – often shows solid financial position and business successful businesses, as well as the high demand for services of this school. As a rule, do not have branches driving school – either a newly opened driving schools that failed to establish itself in the market, or not too successful businesses that can not withstand competition in the provision of training services to drive a car. The main addition to the above questions will not affect the answers to the following questions: How many years There is a school? Are there any license prescribed by the rules in school, the mutual rights and responsibilities? How to choose a driving instructor as appointed time on the driving, what happens if someone does not come? Is there additional costs and whether they are specified in the rules of training school? What is the average percentage of exams in the sai from the first time? (It is advisable that he was no less than 70%). If you do not be lazy and drive up in a driving school to the beginning (end) lessons, you can learn many interesting things from the students at the school.