Science Applied to Form

The objective of this article is the search of the understanding of this new complex dynamics and sophisticated, having as base, the factor regionalism, the necessity of the expansion of offers of education and the paper of the Internet in the construction of the social conscience that comes providing to deep transformations in the relations human beings speeding up the desterritorializao process. 2. COMPUTER SCIENCE APPLIED To the EDUCATION? VIRTUAL ENVIRONMENTS the union of the resources of allied computer science to the development of projects interdisciplinares and cooperative gave beginning to a new area of studies, the computer science applied to the education, this junction makes possible the transmission of the knowledge of more attractive and dynamic form.

The implantation of new technologies of support to the education makes with that the pupil has greater interest and motivation to search desired information. When incorporating the texts, images, graphs, sound and video, many of the directions of the user are stimulated, allowing, thus, one better comment of simultaneous form to a bigger number of information, thus having, a change in the paradigm of the organized, synthecized education, hierarquizada (deductive, sequential, quantificvel) for an interactive, intuitivo and multissensorial model. Of the point of view of the didactic strategy, the computer science applied to the education can help of a general form, increasing the cognitiva capacity and mainly approaching the information of the pupils, making possible the interaction and the study of the subjects given in different schedules and places, provoking, in this way, a rupture in the hierarquizado traditional model where the professor is the detainer of knowing and the pupil is a passive agent of the knowledge (vertical relation), this methodology, provides integrant to a colaborativo learning that it can be mediated through tools of communication disponibilizadas by virtual environments (GRANDFATHER).

The convergence and integration of technologies in last the 20 years have modified all deeply the dimensions of our life, amongst these, are distinguished it Internet, that in them made possible much more mobility, that is, the possibility to carry through activities or tasks without necessarily going to a definitive place.