Omega Alarm System

On the basis of this equipment is very easy to build both simple and any arbitrarily complex system combines Alert fire and any emergency situations, handsfree broadcast information and advertising messages and music programs. Sure, we should note how easy installation and reliability, and survivability of warning systems, built on the base hardware Omega. Automatic (hardware) control system performance and diagnose possible faults have long been the envy of manufacturers of such equipment. The basic element of the system is a control unit Omega SP40 / 2, which already contained all the necessary functions to create a full soue third type. Switchgear Omega SP40 / 2 is candy bar in the composition of which (standard) already includes the following functional units: Built-controlled uninterruptible power supply 220V/24V Built-controlled charger for battery. Built-controlled digital module recorded messages. Built-controlled digital repeater power.

Built-controlled handheld microphone. Built-controlled automatic switch input signals. Built-controlled power module, control and synchronization of light and sound sirens. Integrated control and diagnostics system. As needed empowerment soue a Warning System Omega may appear different functional modules, converting a simple, consisting of only one device management notification to the powerful distributed Multichannel soue for very large objects.

Options are many, but we consider only some of them. soue third type of small objects. Figure 1's that simple! Installing panel Omega, connect to it alarms, the lines Launch of alarm messages and soue ready. If necessary, the panel can be connected to a source of background music, telephone or remote speaker.