Shaped Language Unified

Several solutions exist will be the transport branch, developed by countless software companies, which present characteristics that don’ t assist you the Real needs of certain companies, or will be being obsolete in technology formerly or being not customize. Like this, the present work has will be objective the process automation of KRTL emission and the evelopment of it system customized will be road transport of loads administration. The research describes the stages used will be the software development, being them the project presentation, requirements rising, the system diagram, the code, the tests and the implantation. Studied, the Adriano Zentil Polzin – ME company will be used, located in Sheets So Paulo, So Paulo, which accomplishes, among to other areas, the road transport of loads and to other products. ILLUSTRATION LIST APPEARS I?

Layers of Software in the Model .NET30 FIGURE II? Form of inicializao of the Programa45 FIGURE III? Principal46 form APPEARS IV? Been form Border Registro47 APPEARS V? Been form Border Editar48 APPEARS VI? Been form Border Filtros48 APPEARS VII? Been form Border Relatrio49 APPEARS VIII? Window of Visualization of the Report of the Estados50 APPEARS IX? Configuration of driver ODBC51 FIGURE X? Data of the configuration of driver ODBC51 TABLE LIST TABLE I? Participants of the Projeto25 PRICE II? List of Materiais25 PRICES III? Model of Survey of Requirements of the Sistema26 PRICES IV? Requirements of Negcio26 PRICE V? Requirements of Hardware and Software27 PRICE VI? Requirements of Hardware and Software28 PRICE VII? Cardinalidades29 LIST OF ABREBIATURAS AND ACRONYMS Standard ASCIIAmerican Code will be Information Interchange (Code of American Standard for the Interchange of Information) CIFCoast Insurance Freight (Freight on account of the addressee) National CNHCarteira of DBFData Qualification Base File (Archive of Data base) FOBFree On Board (Freight on account of the shipper) GUIGrapfical User Interface (Graphical Interface of the User) Withheld at source IRRFImposto de Renda ICMSImposto on Circulation of Merchandises and Services IPInternet Protocol (Protocol of Internet) MRPMaterial Requirements Planning (Planning of the Necessities of Materials) ODBCOpen Date Base Connectivity (Open Conectividade of Data base) Guided POOProgramao the Objects PLProcedural Language (Procedural Language) SCMSupply Chain Management.