Brazilians Time

Brazil in recent years comes if detaching not only for the growth of its economy, but also for the great interest of its population in social nets. As much that the parents already occupies the first world-wide place with 86% of active users in the social nets, second research of the Nielsen global company of information and media. Each time more the Brazilian society spends more time in front of the computer in facebook, to twitter, Orkut and hundreds of other social nets. Leaving each time plus its values of side and if becoming hostages of the Internet. The writer Nicholas Carr cites in its new book The Shallows, What the Internet is Doing you our Brains (What the Internet is making with our brain) argues that the last advances of the technology became in them less capable of deepened thoughts. That is I vitiate, it to the social nets is becoming the Brazilian society that already inhabits does not have it to read book a society each more ignorant time. The Brazilians are if becoming each time plus a distracted society and robotizada, becoming them each time more incapable to filosofar, to argue and to question the tasks of the life. But Brazilian society has a solution it to come back to be cultured, to moderate the use of the Internet and to practise the abilities of contemplation, introspection and reflection.