ICT Creation

As a mechanism is the authorization so that the ICT can share its laboratories, equipment, instruments, materials and too much installations with microcompanies and small business companies in activities directed to the technological innovation, for the achievement of activities of incubation. It also allows the use of the laboratories, equipment, instruments, materials too much existing installations in the proper dependences of the ICT for national companies and organizations of private law without lucrative ends directed toward activities of research. In relation to the technology transfer properly said, the Law of innovation is, normative that they constitute the regulatory landmark, the most specific one. It establishes some forms of transference between which: the commercialization of creation developed for the ICT, the rendering of services and the innovative establishment of partnerships for the development of products and processes. How much to the commercialization of creation developed for the ICT, in its article 6o, the Law authorizes to the ICT to celebrate contracts of licensing and technology transfer for grant of right of use or exploration of creation for developed it. In following articles if it details as one will in such a way give to this transference establishing rules in relation to the process how much in relation to the results of research of innovation proceeding from contracts between ICT and private companies. The Law determines that when this act of contract will be made with exclusiveness clause, the transference will have to be preceded of the proclamation publication. However, when exclusiveness to the receiver of technology will not be granted or the permitted one, the contracts could be firmed directly between the parts. The legislation also determines that the company detainer of the exclusive right of exploration of protecting creation will lose this right automatically in case that inside does not commercialize the creation of the stated period and conditions defined in the contract, being able the ICT to proceed the new licensing.