Biggest Social Net

The Facebook is one of the social nets that more grow in Brazil and the world, after the success of the Orkut the Brazilians already were prepared to adhere the new social nets, as Facebook and the Twitter for example. To each day more and more people I register in cadastre they make it in the Facebook and connect it the friends. The platform of the Facebook is easy of if to use, the updates of its contacts and friends appear in the Home Page, photos and videos also, the people finish quickly changing the Orkut for the Facebook. But after all as to make Facebook? To make a Facebook is easy excessively, is enough to have an email any, can be of the same Hotmail, registers in cadastre make it in the site, is well simple and fast. I register in cadastre in it of the Facebook, you can still place its email of the MSN, so that its contacts of the instantaneous messenger are part of its friends of the Facebook also. Beyond adding its friends of the MSN, the new Facebook also it adds the people who had studied the same in local that you, or are friends of one or more friends its and you ask if you know these people.

Thus when creating the profile of facebook you already start with many friends. Beyond the updates of its friends the old communities of orkut function in a similar however more interesting way in the Facebook, in the social net Facebook the communities are as friends who you tan, are alone to search a term for example: Neymar, to enter in fanpage of it and to clicar in tanning, all the updates of fanpages together with appear in home the updates of friends. As nobody lives without diversion apps of facebook brings many games online amused to interact with its friends, as The Social Sims, Farm Ville and many other games you to pass the time. Applicatory a very interesting one of facebook is My Caledrio that shows which of its friends is making anniversary and still it can automatically send personalized cards of anniversary with anniversary messages. Speaking in messages for who it has communication difficulty exist sites with innumerable phrases for facebook that you can use to improve interaction with its friends, the types of phrases of facebook exist all: funny phrases of love, phrases, phrases of friendship and much more.