This Begins To

This begins to organize literary magazine on 23 September 2000 at the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus . A group of young writers conceived the idea of publishing group. aware of how difficult it would be published individually in Puerto Rico, decided to experiment as well as other groups in previous promotions, by founding a literary magazine. That way, continue the task of promulgating the new literature as they did at the time Guajana magazines, loading and unloading area, Window, Edge game, workshop, among others. The group understood because of its condition of anonymity that a literary magazine would have more pervasive and powerful than any other type or method of publication (platelets, pooled sample or copyright issues). So he began to take shape in the form of what later was called: 00,931 BASEMENT literary group.In the list of his co-founders include: Juanmanuel Gonz lez R os, Jorge David Ortiz and Julio Cesar Capiello Pol-members of the Board, and Amaryllis Tavarez Vouchers , Jorge Rodriguez and Carlos Vazquez Cruz as members of the orial Board. National Magazine Exchange It was only a semester after the magazine was able to see the public light for the first time in February 2001. From then until today, 2007, to the roster of The Basement 00,931 have joined other leading comrades of efforts by Frederick Irizarry Natal, Sonia Marcus Gaia , Carlos Esteban Cana, William Robert Jara V lez , Kattia Chico and John Thompson .Among the supporters of each of the ions of the magazine are the signatures of some of the most important voices of Hispanic and Puerto Rican literature on: Jose Raul “Gallego Gonzalez, Carlos Lopez Dzur, Mario Melendez, Eddie Ortiz Gonz lez, Rosa Vanessa Otero, Pedro Cabiya, Jose Javier Franco, Hugo Rios, Samuel Sarmiento, Eduardo Asfura, Kattia Chico, Guillermo Rebollo Gil, Leo Zelada, Juan Carlos Lopez-Perez, Mayda Colon, Kristina Medina, Carlos Tirado, Javier Avila, Emmanuel Bravo Elidia La Torre Lagares, Edgar E. Mella Ramirez, Mayra Santos-Febres, Alberto Martinez Marquez, Angel Dario Carrero, Irizelma Robles Alvarez, Janette Becerra, Mayrim Cruz Bernal, Nestor Rodriguez, Rafael Acevedo, Alexis Sandoval, Antonio Aguado Charneco Francisco Font Acevedo and Jose “Pepe” Liboy, among others.To all this, add the following list of achievements that has taken 00,931 The Basement: creation of the student organization (the Literature Collective), copies in manuscript (5) and one digital pdf version, presentations around the island (Nights poetasters) and between generations: (De) Generations, among other no less important individual and personal achievements of each of the members of the magazine. Further, The Basement has surpassed the 00,931 island boundaries 8 1 / 2 (100 x 35) 11 and has a website ( , to which you can enjoy free access to all the copies published to date, reviews the various ions, the activities of the group and the criticisms leveled at the magazine by leading academic scholars and literary environment in general.