Repository Products

Products with high turnover, as well as large and heavy items should be placed closer to the exit site and picking orders. And vice versa – the goods are rarely received the warehouse must be kept away from the entrance and exit the storage area. The same applies to the seasonal storage of goods, long stored in the warehouse. Products with a strong odor can not be stored next to the goods perceiving odors, and hygroscopic (readily absorbing moisture) – with the goods, which have large amounts of moisture. Isolated store combustible and flammable products. To expedite work on placement of products in storage locations when entering the warehouse and to facilitate their search for the follow-picking each storage location is assigned its own code.

Digital or alpha-numeric designation is applied paint on the shelves of the cell. In addition, each rack mounted plate with its number and symbol of stored goods. Layout of racks showing codes are posted in the storage area in a conspicuous place. Regardless of method of storing the goods they are laid out marking, which also simplifies the process of picking goods. information. As already noted, in addition to rational distribution of products in stock to create the optimum conditions for their storage. For this purpose, should continuously monitor the temperature and humidity of indoor storage and keep them at the level established standards and sanitary regulations for individual product groups. And, do not put their sharp differences. Monitoring of air temperatures is carried out using a thermometer or a block of universal remote monitoring systems, of portable devices, with that within 3-4 minutes can determine the temperature at various points in the repository.