Choosing Unit

The combined unit, which consists of the player and the tuner is a radio. Radio with bluetooth you can connect to your computer. In the tape recorder is the most important is sound quality. The sound quality is largely depends on the type of speaker system, some firms, such as the Ural create a wide range of speaker systems to achieve special effects. But differ mainly from car audio recorder is – radio.

Many car radios are equipped with an equalizer that allows you to change the timbre of the sound can work on batteries and on the network. Where possible, the Disk Management Unit There are two types: the logical and mechanical management. Radio with logical control provides many additional functions: loading and unloading of the disc function to repeat the last song the ability to play the first 10 seconds of each song and the ability to search the required composition. Radio with mechanical control is only the minimum necessary set of functions, and no automation. Due to the fact that radio is central to place in the car audio system must be carefully approached her choice.

Many people think that to replace car speakers or a subwoofer is more important than replacing the car radio, but it also significantly affects the sound quality. When choosing a car radio to turn its attention to the type of formats supported. Since at the present time have been actively used digital media – CD and DVD discs, then consider the cluster car radio would be superfluous in this article.