OpenText Web Product

“infuniq web allows the individual and multifaceted product communication in the Internet eating the solution provider of electrical engineering, the 28.09.2011 – until 1952 it otherwise knew it: who wanted to sink a plug in the wall, which had to first drill a hole.” OBO was this fact on the head with their pioneering spirit and developed a metal dowel, which was turned directly into the wall.For craftsmen in this time a huge advantage. This without drilling dowel”brought the company also the brand name of OBO. Since the beginning, this pioneering spirit, entrepreneurial courage and performance like a thread through the entire history of the company retreat. 2011 OBO BETTERMANN has been awarded the German middle class price. OBO BETTERMANN today around 2200 employees and is represented in over 60 countries with 40 subsidiaries in all continents. The result is the important close to the customer, to provide professional excellence. With 30,000 products is OBO of the solution provider for electrical infrastructure. To meet the demands of the international market through adequate and multilingual presentation of approximately 16,000 products on the Internet, the information from the existing PIM system had to be transferred to the newly designed website without further data maintenance.

This was possible with the PIM-system inadequate, however. The newly planned website should form a unit with the online catalogue. A high usability through logical navigation design, intelligent search functions and the clear display of all product information with useful special functions had to be ensured. Whether first-time visitors, architects or large project planner all should immediately and intuitive online catalog navigate. The infuniq system partner communicode, the already extensive experience with the ECMS system OpenText has, was tasked with the implementation of the international site relaunch.

Infuniq was used for the realization of the integrated online catalogue web, which detached from your own infuniq PIM system on a wide variety of PIM systems can be connected and used as a stand-alone Web application. The combination of existing PIM, infuniq web and OpenText enables OBO, maintain product information as before and to transfer in the new online presence. The online catalog has been seamlessly integrated in the OpenText Web page. Marketing information can be maintained simply and without any programming knowledge of the ECMS system by the competent editors, while all product information web is represented by infuniq. Within the online catalogue a facet and the application search OBO construct “implemented. So, the user simply about product features or on the basis of the respective areas of application to browse. Filter functions allow depending on the selection of products and search that the user purposefully runs to the appropriate product without that zero results or incorrect products to be conceived. Of course, the user will also have the hierarchical navigation can find classic his product. Tender texts Merge, memo pad, mounting examples and PDF generation complement the opportunities within the multilingual high end online-catalogue off.