Technical Chart Analysis

tradesignal and TradeSpark present a new version of the interface, with a combination of fundamental and technical analysis of the energy market is possible. Bremen, 21.01.2010, tradesignal charting – and analysis software enterprise edition a new interface version to the market information system of TradeSpark exists. Through this connection, it is even easier to convict required fundamental data and your own business-relevant market data in a central data warehouse and then technically to analyse. Preferably, the new version is aimed at traders and analysts in the energy market, which must represent their data from very diverse sources in a clear form. Already at the EMART Energy in Barcelona this new solution was presented live and caused a stir. tradesignal enterprise edition is a platform for technical chart analysis and systematic trading, which is used in the trading rooms of equity, foreign exchange, futures and energy traders all over the world. The system combines Industriedatenfeeds standardized by international providers, with individual charting and analysis capabilities.

“The cooperation with TradeSpark is a further step in our premium tradesignal enterprise edition for customers in the energy trading to expand.” Just like TradeSpark, we know that for the trading complex and dynamic energy market a standardized software is not enough. With this new data interface we offer an innovation in the field of technical chart analysis.”, Sebastian Schenck, head of sales explains the tradesignal Gmbhr. This combination of technical analysis and Datenmanagment will be to examine live at E-world from February 9-11, 2010 in lunch. Interested parties can contact also so anytime for more information or to test approaches the cooperating companies. Tradesignal Gmbhr the tradesignal GmbH is a software company with international clients in the areas of banks, energy companies and insurance companies. Bremen is the seat of the company. Tradesignal by cooperation partners is represented in the Asian market.

The Company develops and implements solutions for the global financial market. Core competence is the development of software for the technical chart analysis. TradeSpark GmbH & Co.KG the TradeSpark GmbH & co. KG is a software and consulting company headquartered in the technology center of Dortmund and many years of experience in system development for large energy trading house. TradeSpark solutions for an efficient data and information management make traders, analysts and managers of companies in the trading area faster, more productive, and thus give them significant market advantages. by Andrea of F.