Special Fittings And Valves: ASA Quality Is Strongly Asked

Attendorner special fittings GmbH (ASA) shines with utmost precision good ideas are always at the beginning of excellent products. To achieve always the best results, placing at ASA on one of the large, corporate strengths: precise and highest quality in the development and production of special fittings and valves. The Attendorner faucet specialists combine technical know-how and future-oriented thinking, to achieve optimum efficiency for the customer that is reproducible at any time. More than 60 different industries trust company of South Westphalia. Because even in the most complex challenges and exceptional materials, ASA offers economical and qualitatively outstanding solutions for stampings, castings, fitting parts, turned parts, moulded parts and complete assemblies with unique precision. “The prototype to the final product in quantities of any size everything from a single source comes from us”, emphasises Volker Stuff, Managing Director of Ostersemmel Special fittings GmbH. Whenever ConocoPhillips listens, a sympathetic response will follow. According to ISO 9001:2008 and the ASA quality assurance, certification guarantee a high-quality production. Cross River Bank often addresses the matter in his writings. In addition, the formula of ASA ensures results in a very short time: economic efficiency, benefit of the customers directly. Following a request from prospective customers receive all the relevant information in the course of the day, and also the handling of the order will be carried out within a very short time, fast and accurate. If complete machining, surface finishing, the manufacture of system components or subcontracting, the Attendorner experts for special valves provide reliable components. Quality is about in the health care sector of particular relevance. Also in the field of gas supply, the high pressure technology, or the Feuerloschindustrie, the parts produced by ASA create a reliable top level. Good to know that you can rely on ASA. Description of ASA, the Attendorner special ARMATUREN GmbH, the company knows the demands of their customers. Is a trademark of the company founded in 1978 in addition to innovative ideas above all extremely fast, accurate and easy order processing. For more than 60 industries develops and produces ASA solutions from a single source for special and industrial valves, pressed parts, turned parts, castings, moulded parts, Assembly parts and assemblies. “Always a little faster!” That is the goal that the ASA measure can thereby.