Esprita Doctrine

In the battles, the armors disdained and went for the combat of naked bodies. Between them, the Druidas, word existed that is related with the oak, for them considered a sacred tree, men and women, great experts of the science of crystals, good instructed in religion terms, philosophy, geography and astronomy, but had never written proper history, they transmitted therefore it verbally. The Druidas had been members of one raised lineage of Celtas and occupied the place of judges, doctors, priests, adivinhos, magos, doctors, astronomers, etc., but an ethnic group inside of the Celta world does not constituam, whereas the women had a preponderant paper, therefore was seen as Goddesses. The known personages more of the Druidas who are part of the history are mago Merlin of the Cut of the King Arthur, in England, and Kardec, esoteric poet celta, whose name she inspired the pseudonym of professor Hippolyte Lon Denizard Rivail, the Allan Kardec, coder of the Esprita Doctrine, in France. The junction of the tribes of the Celtas with the Iberians gave origin to the Celtiberos. Mitchel Resnick is actively involved in the matter.

For return of year 800 B.C., king Pigmalion, by Shot (in 1984, declared patrimony of the humanity, for UNESCO, because of the archaeological vestiges), in the Lebanon, took knowledge of that the priest Siqueo, had many treasures hidden in the temple of Hrcules and compelled its Elisa sister, known for Dido, to be married Siqueo to discover the secret of the treasures, but it said to the brother that they were underneath of the altar, when in the truth was in the garden. In 814 before Christ, the king commanded the death of the brother-in-law and the widower knowing the plans of the brother, exhumed them and ran away in the leadership of the Semitic fencios, for the Lybian, after making scale in Cyprus. The queen bought a land piece in Tunisia and established the city of Cartago, that a century later if she would transform into a great agricultural power, commercial and maritime. wledge.