Social Relations

With the advance of the technologies of information, brought baila for the wild capitalism that we live nowadays, we can affirm that the people are having access and appealing to each time more the Internet, this is a fact and them the activities launch hand of this technology to carry through almost all that before made with that these same people had that to leave house to carry through them. The capitalism also brought development and the consumerism. First a benefit, as nor in such a way. In this direction it also brought the social danger where they incur young, adult and even though children in diverse aspects. With the access easiness, through the Internet, the diverse types of services as of the purchase on line, the people many times leave to leave house to buy what they need make, it for the Internet, and are evident that this comfort dictated in the current days still more favors the consumerism and the lack of socialization between the people. The social relations had also been modified; now many become related through the calls ' ' nets sociais' ' for incredible that it seems interacts even though with people of the entire world and with the proper neighbor in the front of a computer. Unnecessary to mention that on the other hand the people had started to feel fear to leave house due the violence that reigns in our country and with this they had searched alternatives to remain itself connected with the exterior world. With this the social relations had been harmed, the manifestations of affection, the feelings, the communication between the people many times badly are interpreted and this can have ominous consequences in the life of the people. The Internet backwards innovative things as for example the study in the distance, that it comes bringing a new perspective of professional development, but that still it is an controversial subject.