To speak to the cellular telephone is something very common nowadays. Some are not contented in having a device and have two or three. But, beyond the function for which it was conceived, the cellular one is practically a portable minicomputer, since he is possible to take off photographs, to have access the social nets, to hear the preferred station of radio, to lower diverse applicatory and still to send torpedo gratis. With as many functions as these, who does not resist in having a cellular telephone? The torpedoes gratis are disponibilizados by the main operators of cellular telephony in Brazil. This service allows that the customers of the operators send gratuitous messages of text for customers of the same operator. However, in the case of a Oi customer, for example, to order a torpedo for a Tim customer, a small tax will be charged by this service.

To send messages for familiar friends and now was more easy and also much more cheap, since who uses the cellular one very daily can get a substantial reduction in the total value of the account of telephone. In addition, to save is always a good option, is not same? what it is better, is possible to order the most varied messages of possible for the cellular one. Since the marking of a lunch or meeting of last hour until congratulations for the anniversary, marriage, formation and other festividades. But as to make to send gratuitous torpedoes? It is very simple and easy. In the site of its operator you go to find a place to insert some data as number of the area code, the DDD, and the number of the telephone of the addressee. Another place is disponibilizado to write the message that, depending on the operator, it can have enters the 121 160 characters and to place its name. After that, you will have to place the verification code. After to fill the fields I register in cadastre of it (few seconds had been used in the operation), is enough to send the torpedo that soon, then, the addressee will go to receive it.

Some operators of cellular limit the number of gratuitous messages that can daily be sent, therefore are intent the details of the service, for you not to liven up themselves very and to finish if exceeding the number of torpedoes sent per day. If this to happen, the value of the account of the telephone will come back to be high and it is not this that you desire, is? It liked the newness? Then what you are waiting? It enters in the site of its operator and starts to order torpedoes for that you like. Even though for its head, in the case of you to need to arrive behind or to have happened some problem during its expedient. With certainty, who will be to receive the message goes to be very happy for having been remembered, after all accounts, who does not like to receive one fondles exactly that in the distance?