Obesity, Depression And Anxiety Depression

Obesity can be a clear reflection of depression and anxiety, in fact there is evidence that overweight people are much more vulnerable and eating disorders are triggered by constant depressive. Obesity is presented as a global health problem, since according to the WHO epidemiological studies, 55% of the adult population is overweight and 22% are obese. 1200 million people worldwide are overweight and obesity, which is approximately the same number of people suffering from malnutrition. In addition to the above, obesity is one of the most serious problems facing society, because it weakens the people in any field, social, psychological and physical. You may find Professor of Internet Governance to be a useful source of information. Destroying the concept of the individual in themselves and hurting the family as a concept of fundamental cell of society. Obesity, in simple terms, is characterized by excessive accumulation of adipose tissue primarily by eating high-calorie food and beverages, which increased the risk for various diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, stroke and even cancer. Several studies indicate that its origin is multifactorial: genetic, environmental, psychological, to name a few. Others including camden treatment associates, offer their opinions as well. Therefore in effective treatment is essential to include these factors.

As a treatment for obesity recommended changes in diet and physical activity. One of the most essential for maintaining weight loss is the psychological support, as it is proven that people who are obese may have a rapid and significant low weight, which in most cases recover in a short time . It is therefore vital that people suffering from obesity have a family and professional psychological support. And mind essential to identify the issues that trigger the behavior harmful to eat too much, in order to have a starting point from which to address it. People with obesity are characterized by low self-control when selecting their food and have hypersensitivity to external stimuli, which makes much more susceptible to advertising messages high-calorie foods and a society that overestimates the aesthetic aspects of a lean body. The obese are usually a life accompanied by anxiety, guilt, depression, affective and cognitive large gaps where the prevailing low self-esteem, poor self-image (especially related to body shape), low expectations of self-efficacy and achievement. Eating too much can be recognized as a reflex to escape the problems affecting the individual. Creating awareness about good nutrition and defeat ignorance about processed foods, rich in fats and sugars, is a good start for our future not find a population with more and more obesity.