Credit Request Mistakes

Most people do not discover their error until they commit. With the loans, this situation is no different. Practical knowledge on interest rates and loan accounts it was never taught and therefore, if we acquire a credit, are not immune from making mistakes. So let's review the list of the 10 most common mistakes cuandoa request our credit. 1.

"The termination of your account to your credit is a fundamental factor for a bad score on your credit history. Resist impulsoa to close your account, because it will be a bad precedent for the future if you want to make new loans. 2. Do not lower your credit limit (although this seems a responsible measure) since it also will lower this to its Coefficient of solvency. 4. Do not apply for multiple loans thinking they might be able to juggle them to take advantage of the transfer debt 0% interest.

That does not work that way. Applying for multiple credit will lower your credit for credit and interest rate increase. 5. Apply only the amount of credit you can afford. One of the most common errors is beyond the limits of credit that can afford to live in constant debt. This eventually get penalized by the mortgage company. 6. Failure time of the depreciation is another very common error in this context. Make your payments on time replenishment. Timely request with frequency 30, 60 or 90 days to make this replacement, shown as a client a insolvent and this reputation may remain on your record for seven years. 7. No reports regularly check their accounts could bring unpleasant surprises, because one mistake can cost you a lot of outside money. a Make sure your statements are correct and claim immediately if an inaccuracy. 8. Do not forget to pay the costs of any legal dispute with its creditors, however small these were. Your credit score will drop 100 points if you do this. Instead, request an investigation, save the evidence and refer to the relevant authorities. 9. The third actors to appeal to the claim of disputes is another mistake which should not be dropped. This only makes things worse, since they live to cause, prolong and complicate the application process that often have no relevance as to become grounds for litigation. 10. Making use of a repair service debt is another measure wrongheaded because there are legitimate ways to repair your credit clear error, making a payment plan, etc.. In the best cases these services take several months to get a result and sometimes even resort to using illegal methods. So if you have a complaint, it is preferable to do it yourself, so you are sure you are not committing any illegal act that could cost him dearly. Stephen Avila yadinero. is

Luxury Cruise Lines

A luxury cruise is exactly what the name implies, a cruise at the upper end of the spectrum – not just five stars but a six-star cruise. There are six cruise lines that are in the luxury class: Crystal Cruise Line, Cunard Cruise Line, Radisson Seven Seas, the yachts of Seabourn, Silversea Cruise Line and Windstar Cruises. Crystal Cruise Line has received numerous awards for excellence. Over the past nine years, Conde Nast Traveler has named Crystal “Best Large-Ship Cruise Line”. Also during the past nine years, Travel + Leisure magazine has given the status of Crystal “World’s Best Large-Ship Cruise Line”. And for service, a survey by Travel + Leisure readers voted Crystal “World’s Best”. Crystal Cruise Line operates only three ships: Crystal Harmony, Crystal Symphony and Crystal Serenity. These ships carry about 1,000 passengers each and Crystal Cruise Line offers the largest passenger space per person of any cruise line.

Do you recognize the ship names Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth? These large ships from Cunard, a name long synonymous with luxury and elegance in cruises. “With Cunard, the journey can be even more wonderful than the destination,” says the promotional literature. Cunard operates just two award-winning luxury ships. The Queen Mary 2, launched in January 2004, is known as the longest, tallest and largest ocean line and carries 2,620 passengers. This is to replace the Queen Elizabeth 2 for transatlantic crossings but the QE2 will still be available for cruises. Radisson Seven Seas is a small luxury cruise line.

Small here means that the ships carry a small number of passengers. Fewer than 700 fortunate passengers per cruise are pampered by attentive staff. Radisson Seven Seas has been named by Conde Nast Traveler and Travel + Leisure magazine as the “Best Small Cruise Line World.” Radisson Seven Seas resource for the sophisticated traveler. Cruise Line and Seabourn Yachts announces offering “ultra luxury” with “the delivery of highest levels of personalized service to an exclusive group of people aboard intimate, elegant ships that could visit the most attractive destinations. “Seabourn sails three identical all vessels bathing suit only 208 passengers each. Of course, dining and world-class service. Silversea Cruises is a new company, founded in 1994 with the express purpose of providing an experience totally on board luxury cruise ships small and intimate with all the features of a cruise ship large . The boats Silvers clouds, wind, shade, and Whisper provide all types of private accommodation from 250 square feet and 1,300 square feet in size. Silversea Compete with Radisson Seven Seas and Crystal Cruise Lines for the accolades from Conde Nast Traveler and Travel + Leisure in categories the best in the world. Silversea Cruises has also been named by Conde Nast Traveler and Travel + Leisure magazine as the “World Best Small Cruise Line” many times since its creation. Windstar Cruises offers a totally different sailing experience. Windstar Cruises offers motor yachts instead of cruise ships. Yes, the boats actually have candles that are controlled by computer with the latest technology. Four of Windstar ships have only 148-308 passengers in cabins or luxury suites, giving the feeling of being aboard a personal yacht. Even with such a small fleet, Windstar Cruises sail to over 47 countries worldwide. If you’re in the market for a luxury cruise, a number of excellent cruise lines to choose from. Looking for information about cruises? Go to: ‘What Cruises’ is published by Colin Hartness – An excellent resource for Cruises! More cruise articles at:

What Is Check 21?

Check 21 is the common name for the Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act. It’s a new law that was recently passed by Congress and made a law when signed by the President of the United States (remember “I’m just a bill” of cartoons on Saturday morning). Check 21 basically streamlines the traditional system of check processing through the incorporation of new electronic technology. This new system replaces an outdated control system of compensation that banks and other financial institutions have used for many years. The advantage is the ability to reduce the time it takes for a check to clear from days to hours. The process of doing this involves a pseudo or substitute check. Check 21 now allows banks to use this instead of original checks. The technique to make this a reality involves the conversion of information on verification in an electronic file that is sent to the manufacturer’s financial institution for payment.

This speeds significantly offset verification process from days to hours. The original check may even be destroyed by a substitute check can be done at any time during the process. This image can be used as proof of payment just like the original check. In fact, the controls are concerned almost exactly like the original checks with the exception of a slightly reduced image of the front and back of the original check. You can expect to see a substitute check if the original check is converted to an electronic archive for the payment and the check turns out to be a check for insufficient funds in the account of the beneficiary.

The bad check you receive is really the substitute check. You may also receive a substitute check, if you request a copy of one of their own checks paid provided that the check was converted into an electronic archive during the checkout process. Do not worry, the Check 21 law allows you to use the substitute check the same way as if the original check initial transaction or payment. However, do not expect rapid deployment of electronic file conversion control immediately. Top financial institutions (such as banks and credit unions) or not to switch to replace paper checks due to high initial costs associated with investing in the equipment needed to comply with Check 21. Do not worry, but many financial institutions gradually will the new system and it will save money over time in the transport controls, improve safety and mitigate losses related to check fraud. Consumers are most affected by this new change in check clearing will be those individuals who write a check one day and then attempt to transfer money into the account the next day or writing a check a day earlier, after it was paid via direct deposit. This method of floating money will not be easy to duplicate, as in many cases, the electronic controls can be cleaned in a only 4 hours. So while some consumers may feel a call initial attention of many to embrace the new law is only based on the fact that it must reduce fraudulent activities currently seen in the financial industry.