Modern Decorating Material

Linkrust – a modern decoration material, which is characterized by strength, durability and hygroscopicity. The material washes well, allows the use of disinfectants for decontamination. Form of linkrusta – rolls. Tissue or paper coated with a thin layer of linkrust plastic. Before applying the surface treated material – soil and trowel. For a primer is a mixture of natural drying oil, drier and iron-grated in the proportion of red lead 2:0,05:1. Components are thoroughly mixed, the mixture is applied to the surface, which is dried for 2-3 days.

This time can be devoted to other pursuits – others prefer to visit old friends, someone will remember that he was interested in psychological counseling in Kharkov. Then becomes putty. Fillers can be bought in DIY stores or make yourself ready. For this mixed water, natural linseed oil, chalk and dry carpenter's glue in the proportions 2:0,25:5:0,2. Glue diluted in water, pour in linseed oil, stirring constantly, and add chalk. Homogenise the surface. Dried and cleaned the walls primed again. Linkrust glued, not earlier than after a few days.

Linkrust blades cut the required size, it is important to combine the picture and make a stock for 10 inches of shrinkage. Then cut twisted into coils and soaked in hot water. After 5 minutes, set upright coils removed, drained of liquid. After that rolls are laid out on the floor face down for 6-12 hours. If the due date of not paste after drying the material may shrink. With bonded linkrusta cut off the top and bottom edges. Edge should be cut only gave the shrinkage and soaked cloth. Glue or linkrust bustilatom perchlorovinyl glue. After sticking linkrust dries from 7 to 10 days depending on the room temperature. Clearly, much time is difficult to control temperature. However, works such as 'Child Psychology' Uruntaevoy GA or 'laws of a happy life' Oleg Torsunov always help to distract from the temporary inconvenience.