Water Supply

Just about every water system at home is: by means of pump water, which has, for example, in a well or borehole is pumped into the tank in the attic, which is the upper floor, a special building, and already there from direct way of being at home all the instruments. Of course, this method should have its disadvantages are that: – the almost complete absence of the entire system pressure at the exit of all devices – a reservoir that contains water need to keep in the heat to avoid freezing in the winter – that is, isolate it from the influence of the environment – that would keep tank to the brim full of water, it is necessary to suffer some very considerable expenditure of energy, current modern plumbing elements that make up a reliable system of water supply house, slightly higher than the cost of plumbing 'of yore'. We know that Water in the Russian conditions is approximately at depths of up to an average of about 50 meters. Of course, used quite a different range of choice of pumps, for pumping water ispod land: pumps, which directly loaded to the source (the so-called deep). This species is most common in practice. -All known types of surface. But it will be interesting to know – they are very malomochnymi and can not deliver water from depths exceeding 10 meters, as they work through the self-priming.

Pumps with ejector unable to give us a satisfying liter, this significant negative feeling at depths exceeding 18 meters. The question arises – how do we regulate what a little pressure, which still occurs in the system? To do this, there is a special device – accumulator (a vessel with a membrane made from rubber, which divides it into two parts: one is water, and another is almost always injected nitrogen under pressure to 1.6 atm.) This device performs the same function of protecting the system from water hammer. It is clear that the large size of the vessel from which the accumulator is, avoid frequent switching the pump and have in place the so-called stock 'just in case'! It is clear that no one will be manually turned on and off the pump, this is a relay with 2-mA pressure sensors (a maximum and drop). The pump, which would avoid the pressure of the system, protect the check valve. He does not follow the water back into the hole. Of course, this design has the following advantages: automatic operation of the water supply system, the small size of devices that are responsible for delivering water to the output, has created pressure makes it possible to have hot water by heating devices. For all matters, what kind of water we use for food or just drink it! For It has a filter. And it is very important to pick them up, depending on water quality, that is, on its chemical composition. In this case, applying a set of filters with different orientations:-cleaning of large particles, for exclusion of water elements that affect the ill person.