First Clay

The first year proved it. Wall, we decided to build of adobe blocks made directly on the site. For us it was the best solution. First, we at the beginning of the work itself is time worked in the office and in the construction of walls to a greater extent relied on help from side. Still easier to teach a person to make bricks, to control the quality and pay for similar work by the piece.

Secondly, we needed a home large enough volume of 50 cubic meters adobe Make one whole season this amount, add up the walls and roof cover is very problematic. Third, we planned to build two-story house. At a height of 5 meters adobe is critical verticality of the walls erected. Pre-made dried flat brick greatly simplifies the task. First we worked ourselves adobe brick manufacturing technology. Find the ideal ratio of components for our clay, made a few forms future of bricks, including for the halves, they dug pits for mixing and drying terraces lined the bricks. After the first batch we encountered the first difficulty. Saman wonderfully stuffed in shape, but practically get it It was impossible.

The decision did not come immediately, but it paid off in full. It was necessary to form a wet rub the inside with sand and then fill it in adobe. Bricks began to slip out of shape easily and things got more fun. What I would advise the future builders of adobe. First of all, think about where you take your materials to construction sites. Despite the fact that the clay on our site everywhere underfoot, it appears that it will need much more than we expected. We went all the clay, which we have extracted the alignment space to build a house, and it's given a lot of our hill, and digging trenches for the foundations and cellars, but still we did not have it.