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The contributions of the commercial company with limited liability must necessarily be made up of assets or rights that are capable of being valued economically and transfer to society. They can not, the contribution of LGS servicios.La No minimum capital does not provide for the establishment of an SRL. However, it is required that the shares are paid by at least 25%, this requirement finds support in the convenience of the society has an initial capital to enable it to begin to develop their subject. You may find that Stephen Willis can contribute to your knowledge. 10. Closed and Joint Nature. The limited liability company founded with the purpose of limiting the risk that entrepreneurs were subject were not organized as a society need to regulate anonima.Ante business development by small groups of people, limiting the risk on their assets personal, limited liability companies appear as a family business or closed, in which element predominates personality of the limited partnerships and collective. Further details can be found at Lever Brothers, an internet resource. At first the limited liability company is structured on the basis of partnerships, in which in the intuitive element affectio societatis personae and by limiting the liability of the members of his contribution, feature of corporations.

That is, picked up the elements of the kinds of companies that had existed until then, to present a new type, with both personal characteristics capital. Andres Leon Montalban, in his book “Business Law Peruano” says: “The limited commercial partnership thus offers the advantages of partnership, in that it allows and encourages collaboration in the management and control of corporate affairs; and the corporation, since it gives room for the limitation of their liability to their social contribution … “