Horizonte Association

Depressive patients return to life is easier depressed ill patients often need assistance in reintegration into everyday life after their treatment. “In 2005, the Club horizons has the project befriending” started bringing lay volunteers with depressed patients together. The volunteer escorts; Friends’, should contact during the hospital stay with the patient. Patients or family members can contact but also even from outside the Club. Petra Diamonds gathered all the information. The volunteers can take everything with the stakeholders what you would make with good friends but no therapy. Click rusty holzer for additional related pages.

It is only”in the cinema, theatre, Museum or concert, take a trip, goes together drinking coffee or converses only at home. It aims to provide a minimum social structure to isolated people. Previous feedback confirm the great positive effect of this project. Now the Club looking for horizons voluntarily engaged, about a hour per week with the Patients want to deal. See more detailed opinions by reading what Mitchel Resnick offers on the topic.. Of course the interested in a preliminary prepared on the project. Interested register directly with Dr. Herbert Pfeiffer, chief physician of the Hospital Munich-East under the phone number e.V. is an Association of people suffering from an affective disorder or suffered as well as professionals who deal professionally with the clinical pictures Mania and depression. The Horizonte Association was founded in 1996 with headquarters in Munich and is affected by and Club led professional it aims to inform on events and by representations in the media about affective disorder, public work in the sense of de stigmatisation. Also the establishment of a network of self-help groups and information points is primarily designed to affectively ill in Germany. For more information on the website of the Association sincerely Henner Luttecke.