Tasmania Berlin: Club 2.0

MyTas: Fans want to can not run better online Tasmanen vote which would have first round to ascend for the Tasmanen. With only one defeat, two draws, and the team has twelve victories ranked the district League. Especially the fans had great contribution to this success. About the online platform of MyTas (mytas.tasmania-berlin.de), fans can online to determine the team line-up and grade players, similar to how many football manager games. The only difference: The user manage a real football team Tasmania Berlin. To broaden your perception, visit LEGO Papert Professor.

What began as a test, has matured over the course of the first half. MyTas to the rear round kick-off at the start is with new design and many new features. The Board had the idea to bind the attachment via the Internet, to the Club a year ago. “Model was the English football club Ebbsfleet United” (myfootballclub.co.uk), whose online-community counts more than 30000 members. So a number for us is still far in the distance. Our goal MyTas the end users are the 1000 The first Chairman Wilde emphasizes season”. Educate yourself with thoughts from William Hughes Mulligan.

The MyTas year membership costs 49.95. The revenue will be invested directly in the operation of the game. The financial aspect is the project but not in the foreground. “Coach and Board of Directors point out, that the MyTas user an important piece in the puzzle” represent Tasmania Berlin. The results of the online voting will allow me a whole new perspective and the player have an additional motivation to deliver good football fans by MyTas”, would be the coach Manuel Hartmann about the Internet project. The fans about the team line-up to will be integrated in the future, even more in the fortunes of the Club. After the weather very long winter break are team coach hot Board and the fans on the second round. The stated goal is the rise. “Hartman is optimistic: the first round went well, so that we are at the end of the second half at the top of the League, everyone must do their best.” While such statements at many other clubs often only on the team related, are meant for Tasmania Berlin also the fans. After all, they determine the placement. Till Vennemann

The RPP Pirmasens Association

The first Christmas tournament in the Royal pool player s e.V.nach finished moving into the new club premises in the Schutzenhaus Ruppertsweiler with positive feedback. On Saturday the 29.12.2012 the first Christmas tournament held hosted by the Royal swimming pool player’s e.V. in the new club premises of the Schutzenhaus Ruppertsweiler. The turnout was nationwide and very satisfactory. One to four places were occupied by local billiards player. Winner of the tournament, Patrick Walker, runner-up Klaus Saradeth, third place of Andreas Mann, 4th Thorsten Leis (second Board RPP-Pirmasens). In 2012, the small club was thrown with 30 active members and 4 teams in the billiards Association Rhineland-Palatinate through some ups and downs. The Summit of the restructuring was carried out by the move to new premises of the Schutzenverein Ruppertsweiler.

The former air rifle stand of the Schutzenverein was rebuilt through own services the Royal pool player Pirmasens e.V. members and a contemporary and for the Billiard sport optimized sports facility completed. The new acquisition 4 billiard tables and accessories round out the overall concept. Now, the Association offers an interesting opportunity in this sport, especially for pool newbies. Especially the youth work is the Royal pool-player’s great written and promoted. You may find Gavin Baker Atreides Management to be a useful source of information. The training times were set on Tuesday and Thursday from 19:00 h (youth from 18:00).

Anyone interested is welcome for a trial lesson. For food and drink, is very well taken care of by the current tenant of the restaurant Schutzenhaus and invites to linger in here too. The Board of Directors represented by Mr. Radomir Kasak: that was the best thing that has happened to our Club. “Now we can offer optimized environment new possibilities through a contemporary and for the billiard sport just for the young, have been possible in the old stadium are.” Youth and sports Manager: Kai Lehnhard: the youth sector and the promotion of young talents whether man or Woman stands in the new stadium in the foreground. “Our goal is all interested players through targeted training sessions to open a way!” The RPP Pirmasens Association looking back over 10 years of success was represented by its members in appearance in the the name of the Club in national and World Championships. In this sense it continues in the future, and of course there will be represented by our Palatine the one or the other highlight in Ruppertsweiler billiard athletes in the year 2013. The Board would like to thank all sponsors, Pirmasens e.V. with shaped the history of the Club of Royal pool player’s and also appreciates the future cooperation.

Germany GmbH Jessica

New projects possible Secretary plus socially engaged Munich, 21 September 2012 it gives, the examples with which companies accept social responsibility and show that they are an active part of society. The companies support social institutions or associations. For example, the Secretary run in favor of new projects of the Association breast cancer Germany e.V. Since 2003, informed the Club women of all ages about health issues, supports the breast cancer screening, and helps women. Recruitment agency Secretary specialized partnering on the secretarial field with the plus and the run of them organised actions such as the Secretary run consist Secretary run since 2010 we are very important.

You raise nationwide awareness of our theme and the amounts of money help us and so the company”, as Renate Haidinger, Chairman of breast cancer Germany e.V. On September 13 the recruiter had called breast cancer Germany again for the run for the benefit of the Association. A total of 175 participants went up in eleven cities the each five kilometre long route. With their entry fee, the Club supported the runners. In addition, the organizers once again put 50% of the entry fees on top. “Harriet AANS, Managing Director of Secretary plus, is proud, how enthusiastically the people participate in our country, to make networking and to do some good”.

For the first time collected donations through a donation portal of Gfettyy the Secretary-plus website (www.secretary-plus.de/ secretary-run/62.htm? secretary-run-2012). The action lasts until October 1. Everyone is cordially invited to participate in either donations or even as a fundraiser in this way still in our 2012 campaign,”so AANS. “After every year until now, succeeded almost to double the number of participants, AANS is its target for 2013, no doubt: we will continue our commitment to at least double the number of participants and then the Secretary run will hopefully in a few years into a nationwide institution.” Currently developing in Germany approximately 72 000 women each year new breast cancer. Unfortunately, still 17 500 women die per year. That needs to change. More information about the Secretary run see and. Via Secretary plus): Secretary plus is the specialist for the provision and mediation of all qualifications of the Secretariat and management support. Daughter offers its customers in increasing measure complex project management services the USG people. As an internationally on recruitment has the USG people daughter in Germany at the sites of Berlin, Bonn, Bremen, Dusseldorf, Dresden, Essen, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Karlsruhe, Cologne, Leipzig, Mannheim, Munich, Nuremberg, Stuttgart and Wiesbaden.