Contract Management Software

Professional contract: Contract management for companies for Lotus Notes users there is an interesting new application. Companies, their contracts yet using even knitted tools via Excel, access, approach or even manually manage and monitor, find an interesting and highly flexible new solution in the new application “Contract Professional 3.0 – contract management” of the Software House RI-SE Enterprise to improve contract management in the company. The application was developed explicitly for the contract management in companies. The typical advantages of a Lotus Notes application for this application fully come to fruition. A freely configurable system of follow-up, detailed adjustable access permissions, a fully automatic rollover mechanism, multi-client capability, automated docketing (end of contract, termination end, reminder…), configurable contract types, fields and columns…

are only some of the quite successful functionality of this Lotus Notes software that is intuitive. To highlight the integrated rollover module is from our point of view. With this, it is possible to capture contracts once and to leave the monitoring of documents only the software. Contract extensions (automatic extensions) are made on time and without any manual intervention through the application, logs and according to predefined groups of people be informed by E-Mail about this in addition. Thus, it is almost impossible to Miss periods of notice or contract ends. Who needs the approval of additional expertise for the extension of a contract however, can operate the integrated electronic release modules. With this, it is possible, within minutes, decisions, for example, to contract extensions paperless to overtake and revision-safe to log them in the appropriate contract document. All in all is a very tidy the contract management for Lotus Notes as a comprehensive contract management system and yet functional impression.

Navigation elements in part quite elaborately and attractively designed, as well as a flexible configurability let go quickly and without long introductory phase by the hand work with this Lotus Notes database for notes not so savvy users. Through the intuitive use of the software is that study the inline documentation in advance is usually not necessary to understand the functionality and to be able to use this. On the Web page of the manufacturer you will find also a small promotional video, which provides an overview of the entire building and the functioning of the contract management in 10 min. Conclusion: The “Contract ProFi” contract management is a quite looking at value alternative to conventional applications (contract management) contract management and benefits a lot, that much more efficient to let go contract management within a company for the part by hand thanks to the database functionality and automation of Lotus Notes.