Agile Software Engineering

ASE Student Edition: apply now for the practice-check the andrena objects ag has called this year a new student program for Agile Software Engineering (ASE) in life. 80 Students could already take part in the free courses in Karlsruhe and Darmstadt and become familiar with the State of the art in the industrial software engineering. In addition, they learned techniques of agile software development and were given an insight into the concept of agile software engineering (ASE), which developed and brought to maturity andrena jointly with SAP AG. Finds the next course for this year in September the TU Darmstadt instead. Applications are no longer possible for it. Interested parties can apply but now for dates in 2013. For an application to the ASE Student students can register online edition.

Very good Java skills are a prerequisite for participation. ASE was developed by andrena and SAP AG as a training program for the software engineers of the SAP. Until today have about 1600 software engineers of the SAP Go through the program. Since January, the program outside of SAP AG is practiced. andrena has designed a special program for students from it. The participants of the one-week course learn to develop system shippable increments methods in Scrum sprints with agile software engineering.

The students work in teams and undergo four exemplary Scrum sprints in five days. Here, they learn about labor practices from Scrum, eXtreme Programming and project practice of andrena and SAP. The technologies and tools are customary Eclipse Java, JSF, spring, Hibernate, JUnit, EasyMock. All participants go through a practice-check at the end and can make their know-how in test-driven development to the test. “We have the ASE Student Edition is designed so that students learn while studying how to develop in the modern software industry”, explains Matthias Grund, CEO of andrena objects AG.